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Most of what I've published has been David ignored Steinberg in in is the one the or two New times York City that editor she has been of confronted PJ by media. the media He joins New me. York Now. Times reporter He is a guy who Astra a couple of questions is and AP reporter asked it her has a couple done of questions. real homework, Nobody is and brought one up of the that few that have that the have actually seconds pursued Ilan of information. Omar's I have history, showing that this marriage was and fraudulent it's kind of complex is and that I from two wanted thousand to bring nine David onto take to two us thousand through it, eleven David. How are you? which is the extent Glenn of her Glen, marriage thanks to for bringing Ahmed me El on ni. here. You know, you're Ilhan the first Omar national was attending program. college I've been on and this North story Dakota in almost state university. a year. The first Also person you enrolled decided to was Ahmed give this Helmy some attention nationally. now I've done some local short radio. so shortly after But she married again, this I I man I've who been putting this short out there appears with to verify be here brother, facts, they both enroll in the same I've been college. putting out, I checked you address know, records court documents. Ilhan first I have husband been putting out social who she has media two posts kids. everything With that could be confirmed also by lived by in the listeners same address themselves the with first person to Ilhan, bring me Omar on. So I really appreciate and her it. David. brother I slash appreciate husband the hard work that you did. during I know those two years. the stress that you She was and attending your North family Dakota state university. have to be under She's living to because husbands you are at the exposing same time something and her that two if children you are in right the same house is in the same actually in is the same house game changing. one year, I think and truly then in the same truly house the next game year changing. they were all in the same Let's addresses, take through to take take actually, everybody through the facts her on first husband, this whom she started has the two kids as with kind of a blog the records post actually kind of rumor show. She spent then more time then living was with it. Reuters. him. Or societas During press. her marriage I think got involved, to to and the second husband, they couldn't then verify she spent living nor with could the second they deny husband. they they And said then really as soon it's as she up gets to her her. decree We've got to in two have thousand these documents. eleven This all she seems has buttoned back up to Minnesota. tell me this story. And according to her Well, this actually her goes second back marriage fell at apart least two and she never years. spoke to him again. There's a a That's it local the extent conservative of her marriage websites took place while they power were both line attending dot college. com. Okay. Up Now, in they'll Minnesota run. which By is Scott weird Johnson. because her It's fantastic. kids and He's her been athletes. husband are Her living fifteen in the same years, house. All right. he So found she claims that a she never spoke post to him again. on And she it. claimed Anonymous that post in on a Somali in message court board right four after Ilhan the divorce, Homer. I correct? won election She to did not divorce. each state I'm to at state L me, Representative her seat her in Minnesota in her two thousand brother sixteen until like two days after twenty she won election. seventeen. He finds this post When basically, this spilling became all a the liability teams that she for married running her for brother running in for two federal thousand office. and nine. So that occurred And early in likely twenty seventeen did it for she some filled out some a form saying fraudulent she had not purposes. spoken to him It since certainly twenty eleven was not a she real Merite had no wasn't idea where to find disturbing him. in that nature. She had no contact But with him it looks with any like relatives. it could be for immigration She said purposes. she had tried to search It for looked him like it could be online for tax purposes. with social media Whatever it was every and right single away. question There was chance quite a bit on of that information form is a provable that lie. Approvable Scott instance was able to of publish perjury. he had pictures There's nine he nine needs. We're instances all timestamped a perjury pictures, chest on this one form he she signed had for the divorce witness statements, because and he all did a over little her digging social media. and just going She to the courthouse. He is found out that she having didn't eat contact Mary this person with Ahmed El me from just twenty for eleven two years, to twenty fifteen and not she only having had contact a with them. a live She at literally home was common-law posting pictures husband of her having physical during contact that entire with period their their hugging. who she had Taking been married photos to of each other. The London for seven years in two thousand prior fifteen and had two kids with. and I'm at At L least me we got in touch would with him be back a bigamist. in twenty sixteen. He admits At being least the she person would in be the photo. a bigamist. But says he was just Correct. that some offense. Now He doesn't what she know originally who the women's standing said. next to President him minutes. Trump said what And we all this is sort important of knew the because other day accusing the media He Facebook admits and Twitter he admits was and Google thrilled that of colluding to you know, be able he to against had say, a wild this conservatives is night our first in London something's happening Muslim with woman with and a those with job, this woman groups of folks who and that are she's running a refugee you Facebook can't from identify war. and Google She's but and everything Twitter, Donald Trump happened and I do to think marry we have a in to man get two to thousand the with bottom sixteen. his exact of it. It's So very same she was fair. elected first It's the name collusive. same night. Donald and The Trump president's two elected. middle remarks names. in And the rose last garden thing They came were thrilled one to have day now, after that the image. White I House. Social did media And actually director yet just bother a couple was of days temporarily later, to do they blocked have the this other on Facebook, story homework to Dr rule that Michael out. Brown. Well-known If there was Christian anybody academic else, certainly we've was destroy banned named by all YouTube Ahmed of that. nurse for videos. L So me. They considered There is to not. be anti what There gay was they nobody did else the decision allies was made not by around al-gharib, his ill assumes, age but Alano bio mar with Google, released that name vice a statement and president either England same or the United thing cleared happened up States. nothing with alliance address, defending none freedom, of the So evidence. the religious But liberty simply for law said firm for what you said proving to be true I that when had that it comes he did to not conservatives know my her first and Christians husband there has who to had be been a second married social person. for seven But media there's years. simply We is no drifted records not apart. of one. all that social. I I'm Todd married Starnes. the second person That's Now, around when your you two Fox thousand say, News commentary. nine it's her we divorced. What if the kid brother We who cut separated your grass in two thousand. work are like you Eleven most financial and saying I caught back advisers because with you my can't original get the instead husband. birth certificates of a straight because up And twenty that's she bucks? all said I'm going to Get say some about confusing that it. her birth Bill certificates with surcharges were Now, lost and in the add civil on war in Somalia, Glenn what the which heck is is if up. reasonable Late you're height adjustment sure to believe journalist fee, do are you you creative. stop saying at Planning that that this point? is is different. a brother Our fiduciary or like, I advisors have a guy were prop I one refer That's transparent to as what my happened. fee brother structure, They we've did known and stop each we other never since at received we that were kids commissions point. he lived on your investments. with us. They were completely You Call know, eight he's six practically satisfied creative raised or visit with by my creative her parents. explanation planning But he's dot not com. my To brother, learn and more next but investment two I consider years strategies, him. My recommended until brother two by is creative thousand that planning the eighteen kind or not of brother, assured you of think burning this a profit is there or was virtually loss. or nothing is this an actual blood, revisiting brother. that original story. You know, That's I when I jumped in I am jumped on back able into to determine this in the run-up to if the twenty eighteen election this is and a blood, brother. take it No on one's it for going to almost be able to a year determine now. that And I've without covered a test. However. I've uncovered what I believe is enough to put I us far it beyond is clear to me a from reasonable what I've published doubts. information. Okay. So I I want to have get not in published. I want to I get into did the share some the of that. With evidence you Glenn because earlier. it's more than I'm getting just that confirmed the by do. You have any by idea our yet attorneys on over she why published as soon she as I marry can. may have married But her brother. the the government of London and the government of the United States certainly was told that this person was her brother on several occasions. Whether or not, this is a blood, brother. He was either adopted he was a half, brother. He was her full, brother. And why would she do this? What do you think the motive is? Why would she do this? That's interesting. Some people have been bringing up the fact that they believe it's emmigration fraud. I don't think that's the case again because this happened in two thousand nine months later, both of them were attending college. I believe this was about student loan fraud. She was living in public housing at the time. He had just graduated from pretty rundowns of pretty run down high school. He didn't have much money. And I haven't found any records of him working anything, but manual labor at the time. But if they got married and they apply for student loans. They become independence. So their parents income is no longer included on their application. So they would immediately. Well, first of all, he he might he was going to be paying the out of country out of state rates, otherwise so it certainly was a boon for him and both of them their parents were cut out of the picture, and they had nothing to their names at the time. So there's student loan rates would have been fantastic now. The idea that we're.

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