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So yeah i would bet if your holiday you know if you're a donny. Loose these like for all the reasons that jaycee said the honda can get in a honda and pick an elite amateur out and promise them way more money and way more focused support than they would ever got anywhere else they can because of the gear deal because of the availability of the year deal and and it's not just you know it's it's boots helmets. There's a lot there blow sponsors. You know Red energy drinks stuff. Think about all the all the avenues that are open to that. you know. it's pretty crazy. Obviously it doesn't count for donnie loose on the side because they have the thing that also kawasaki used to have. Which is anyone with half a brain wants to ride a star racing alcohol right. So they're yeah they're situation. It's fun but i'm going to circle all the way back to where we started here. Kawasaki the other thing they no longer have is an. I cannot believe we're at this point but the pro circuit thing doesn't have that anymore. It's a good team solid. Yeah but i don't think if you're one of these parents are like hey we'll take a pay cut or we'll do anything to get on mitch payton's team. I just don't think that's there anymore. Yeah yeah i agree absolutely right. So if you're mitt you're running your hands through your hair even more than usual. Yeah yes so okay. So jet struggling a little bit but you know so does this again make my point again about the amateur guys is just. Don't know you there is stews and there are ricky's you know there are those guys ever. If you've ever wanted one to hang your hat on jet reynolds is is that one for now. We'll see you. I don't believe the story. Jet reynolds is anywhere near written. Yeah of course info. Yeah this one is certainly one. If you're going into make your case you would make this one exhibit so far so you don't know what you're supposed to do to solve it though like he won so much like what every team was supposed to just not kill. I was very i was in the middle of negotiating. Sure and services so i have nothing. I'm just saying if you're steve and this has been the ill you wanna die on for years. That's a pretty good one to go. And just just you know what we do. You want the kids to win. You want to represent your brand do well. But at some point you just don't get into some big bidding war you let them go. And by all accounts the big amateurs are in bidding. Moore's all the time. I don't want to bring up our buddy murphy. Because you know we all know what happened with jt. Last time we wrote monthly but know he is a solid pro but this he looked like he's a title guy anytime soon. he's not. Let's be honest here. Love monkey but there was a lot of money going on with carson mumford. A bidding war literally a bidding war going on for his services and there was a bidding for jet reynolds. And so yes. You want the kids you want to get the you know the best you can but let's just hold off on this..

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