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Store moving into the Metro at this hour. We're seeing snow showers in some places, freezing rain in others. It's causing traffic mayhem across the board. You can expect accidents on just about every interstate. In the metro Bridges and overpasses are becoming a problem as well. There is a significant list of school closings and delays. You confined that it W. H s dot com And if you are out commuting, give the salt trucks and plow trucks. A wide berth there are out there trying to make your drive a little easier. We're heading to the nation's capital now where the second impeachment trial against former President Trump will continue today that after a Tuesday procedural vote, declared the trial was constitutional. The Senate seems six Republicans crossing the aisle to join 50 Democrats in a 56 44 vote, including one key Republican. Switched his vote from a similar motion last month by Senator Rand Paul to declare the trial unconstitutional. A B. C S. Elizabeth shows e with more the one who said, I am actually going to say this is constitutional now a Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, who said One of the reasons why this needs to move forward is that this presentation from Trump's legal team was disorganized and random, and he said that he's an impartial juror and that if anyone listen to these arguments Recognized that the House managers were focused on organized and they relied on precedent. We're back in Louisville. Now we're Metro health officials say that the UK variant of covert 19 has arrived. Metro Health director, Dr Sara Moyer says the UK variant was found in one patient who was not a traveler, she says the presence of the new variant in Louisville is not unexpected. It's more contagious and quickly spreading across the country. Dr. Valerie Brianna's Priorat you of ill health says the vaccine still offer protection against the new variant. I'm starting to hear some folks say well, You know, the vaccine will not cover this new variant, so I shouldn't even go get it, And that is not case you still should get the vaccine. It's still offers you protection from the new variants, she says. The serves as an important reminder to keep masking up and keep distancing. Suzanne Duval News radio 8 40. Wh A Yes Ah Lova man is behind bars charged with taking police on a high speed chase Beaver Dam. Police were notified of a red car ramming another vehicle during a road rage incident. The suspect, 26 year old Rex White, then sped away as police attempted to perform a traffic stop nearly hitting an officer. Kentucky State police were called in to help, eventually taking white in a custody in Grayson County. Once his car ran out of fuel. He's facing a list of charges, including wanton endangerment, playing in evading arrest and reckless driving. Healy Hanson use ready Await 40. Wh A Yes. And we will end in Detroit, where homicides or not terribly uncommon, however, polar bear homicides slightly more uncommon. ABC is Chuck Silverstein explains. This was completely unexpected, and the Detroit Zoo staff is devastated, say zoo officials, they say 20 year old a Nana, a female polar bear was introduced to Nuka, a 16 year old male polar bear. Last year, there seemed to be no trouble Nukus bred with other bears for years, but the zoo says after being apart for months, when Nuka tried to breed with a Nana Monday he killed her, zoo officials says when bears another large carnivores breed it sometimes described in nature as an aggressive encounter. Your next news update isn't a dime Will Clark News? Radio Way? 40 W. H A s 7 36. I'm Toni Kroos, along with Will Clark in Scott Fitzgerald and we have a mess throughout the Kentucky an area particularly in the area of Ah to 64..

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