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I mean, this is the main thing we've been talking about in this miniseries is how much how quickly timber Salish himself as like clear brand the people's gots. Yeah. Yeah. And. Yeah. Just like, oh, another one of those right? Yeah. Which was surprising because he is so Essa teric. It was weird that once you get it, you netted like pick up the his language you can you can understand what the rules of his universe. I think that if anything this might of caught people of guard because it was so sweet, I think that was. Sahar movie just a horror movie and. Beetlejuice was gonna spooky bat looking and tone way. And this one wasn't spooky is so kind and sweet children's very sincere children's film. Now. Here's here's my transition. I feel like you have carved out a similar niche for yourself in comedy. As Tim Burton as the timber of comedy as a Tim Burton of comedy. I don't know. I think I keep thinking of how fun. It would be for say like a Laura Ramirez too. I fantasize with a Beetlejuice remake. Starring Laura means do a good job. Our guest is Julia Torres. Comedian will you've written for Saturday Night Live, and you have your own show. That's coming down the pipeline, which is less Fouque's. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. It's a spooky show is. Gently spooky show a horror themed comedy. Yes. The ads at a horror comedy but much like timber, and it's a comedy using in that world the world horror and spook. I'm definitely not as interested in Christmases. Tim Burton is. No Burton obsessed with Chris he likes Christmas a lot. He does like this back to back. These are two Christmas movies in a row. No. But I feel like you, you know, you have this like very sort of meteoric rise. Where like I feel like the second started performing people were like, oh, that's what he's doing. And it was a similar thing to Tim Burton. I'm not saying you directed Batman. But we're you you have a very specific like universe that you build around your comedy. I think. Well, which is what I like about. Directors like Tim Burton where it's like beetle, juice and Scissorhands are just I mean. Yes, there the rooted in in you know, Frankenstein these other stories, but they're. I like the the idea of of audience as being like what what is that? And then that becoming a Halloween costume for the rest of shirt. Sure that is just my biggest dream is to create something where. Liberal arts students are over dress up as that and people are like what is that? And they sort of explained they're like, oh, yeah. I think I saw that people sell unlicensed fan, art shirts. Zaza l-. Yes. Right. Yes. Oh my God. Do you find? So now that you've like you've created TV show, which does not exist, which doesn't exist. Yes. Yeah. Do you find yourself trying to put stuff in pointedly in the hopes that like, oh, this will be something that someone could easily make into a Halloween costume? I think that there are a couple of opportunities. Okay. Yeah. A couple of opportunities there. No spoilers. Yeah. So this movie Edwardson. I was very surprised digging into this. I've been very surprised about the time line the velvet of his movies because it was different than I thought. It was okay. He on with this was later. Yes. So Beal second well, and he comes up with this pitch while he's developing Beetlejuice, all he's done is peewee. Beal was a scripted Warner Brothers has and while he's working on Beetlejuice. He's like, I got this other idea. This was apparently in the most like timber origin story ever. He had just made this drawing when he was sixteen years old and he held onto the strong. Everyone was like that's a movie a slender boy Scissorhands all black with scissor like this the the hands of sort of. Yes holding. Them like this. He's yeah. Yeah. The the the blades are always down because. Yes, gentle and he's aware trade of hours. Right. He's right. But he looks like a begging dog ticket by how much this character. Feels like a dog watching this movie. Oh, sure. Very timid little like toys is dog. Yeah..

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