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New things very heights and dupe up three of those fires were in trailer homes and two started by owners tried to fall frozen pipe abs to the homes ended up being total losses were forecast for today a mix of clouds some sun a flurry or two hanging around throughout the afternoon and high of 29 and then we'll have sunny to partly cloudy skies and high of seventeen total accumulation of snow could be one to two inches before it's all over brett bloom camel lights news yeah uhhuh what was the mother's milk to radio and saw gadget walter em sterling from the radio and saw household possession capable rich in the lives of millions joined the walter m stirling club the grownups gone to bed now is the screaming stopped can we talk about something else besides the democrats ruined everything we talk about something else because to me the what happened in washington and the halls of power does not quite come to what happens in the halls at work or what happens at the halls of home these things seem to be much more important to me may be unselfish if that engine light goes on it's a much bigger deal to me than anything else if i got a letter that says internal revenue service is the return address or department of the treasury is return address that seems to me to be a much bigger deal how bout you this week i found out about something that's ultimately annoying in on all those research things the top 10 list the top 20 list the top 10 list of things that make us feel bad or the worst things that could possibly happen incarceration death of spouse but you know after a couple of years marriage death of spouse not not such big deal but always as first or second always moving when you and i have to move there's nothing worse i go to the conference room a work to meet a guy the guy has a logo t shirt on and a leather jacket and he represents a moving company that i interviewed to move because now turns out that we have to move to a new home this is particularly challenging because we rent i'm in show business every buddy in showbusiness lives on circus train we we all rent the sure fire way to get fired the guaranteed way to get fired a few in show business buy.

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