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Yeah, it sounds to me. And he said you have with all Aji worked out for this movie. Sounds to be that this is something that you might want to explore a little bit further. I don't know. Okay. I don't know. I mean, the right right now, I'm not like I'm not trying to plan. You know, I leave it open. So that when universal comes to me and says, we'll give you one hundred million dollars to. I can jump in there. But I've got I've got a bunch of stories to tell one hundred million. It would take one hundred million dollars this market right now. That's what it would be. No. Honestly, I it. The the the beauty of of this movie in terms of where your magic nation can go is that there are it's it's fairly endless. Yeah. I mean, the I will happen to that human China. What do they do when they break hands and exist in what's left of the world? I mean, that's it's a it's a it's a big. It's a big story. And I think there's a lot of different ways to approach continuing in this universe that. Very least fun in my computer. Well, if you need if you to Kickstarter ten ten dollars. American. Fifteen. All right. You got. Never get. I'd like to talk about the Castro rendition of five on it pointed you realize that was going to. You know, the in the initial script it was Toco skis potted due at the end of the nutcracker. Okay. Would have been the music that Adelaide was dancing to dance to teen. And we put that in the first cut, and it it wasn't a working. Don't really. Yeah. It. I mean to me as of you're it, it felt sort of old school little a little bit pretentious. Even like, I'm really like. Listen to check hausky on a regular basis. And I'm like, oh, yeah. Try this piece of music class this class. So, you know, then I I've always thought that I got five on it had this haunting, you know. This is why we use the track in the first place had this on thing lick to whatever you call it. The the new gay Angela Beldiman days score for street at the same time as being a total just banger. You know? So that the right. Use of banger has very bright. It's totally fine. I will allow it. Okay. The and so, yeah, the, you know, the idea came to, you know, have have Michael sort of go off in his live str strings and of deconstruct that song minutes left. I want to get into. I guess movies. Big twist, which is the reveal that Adelaide is red and red is an late. And there was a switch at the beginning of the movie, you talk about that where that idea came from and misdirecting audiences because again is something that you set up. There's a there's a couple of shots early on of young Adelaide post objection where her parents, go into the therapist, and as a seed planted there, and then you misdirect people again away from it bring it back right at the end. You know, this this movie's about maybe the maybe the monster is you it's about us kind of looking at ourselves as individuals, and as a group, and you know, the the protagonist in a movie is the is the surrogate for the audience, so it it felt like at the end of the day..

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