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And you're not. By. Back to. The first book. Wow, this is guys. This story has everything. A to rid love affair it inappropriate as gap. Movie Road, trip. Crashing Party and stealing a beer hands the new gas. fifteen lost lost my virginity, and it was to. Who I met in Los Angeles at a party. And then just maintained connection with him, and this isn't a mice face days, so we would talk on mice that we became friends on my space, and we chat via that and then got my number and call me on the phone. I was fifteen a fake ID. Boulder and I lied. Pretty older not. His twenties Mary Bath. I now bad. Okay, let me twenty was thinking. Yeah. It's still bad, but still is as bad as it could be. I did lying. Yeah, I mean was like my my dad's best friend. Yeah. I did lie to him about my age I told him that I was eighteen, but then retrospectively on like look at I. Look at photos of myself as a fifteen year old I'm Mike this motherfucker new? There's no I look like a child like there's no fucking. And so anyway he I chatted with him Commun- The phone. He lived in Santa Cruz actually which is northern, California, and for months and. I was so when you're fifteen. You think that any man any guy that likes you, so she's older like I was like. This guy is the coolest guy you know. Cool and I'm like you know and I was like a total like I was. A punk turned like a thrift store girl. You know what I mean we're like. Get Him, and so I was like. I mean he was just so cool to me. He was like this. Begin Anadarko kind of. Guy Who, like road of spice, tattoos, like phone, call, so I, successfully convinced my two friends to go on a road trip with me to Santa Cruz, which is about a six hour drive. I can procure some Dick and. So we try to Santa Cruz, but at the time you know this was a long time ago. There's no like smartphones or anything so really using like mapquest directions and we're getting so lost. It takes us. I don't think I'm exaggerated about ten hours to get there. We find out Fox. News this skies place at? He's like he's like. Oh! usually a party. I saw down the street like we just go there. We can like steal their ears, and we can come back here and hang, and it was like. Yeah, that sounds literally perfect. I mean what what is this a fairytale? Girl! Walks. You like twenty. Trying to steal from around. College party, so he's a little too old as well to all my. All my good at the car. Shrouded in like. Wow, you're so cool in the actually just so fucking immature, and he could even really he by alcohol. By the time he was his eighty be over twenty, one was over twenty one. He could a thousand percent. But Anyway we go to this party and his like a Frat boy party just like inundated with Jock. Sore thumbs because we look like if Joanna newsom song came to life like we're just are like. Wearing like floral dresses from the sixties there like. fucking Amish, girls Outta here dude. We were we got there and there were just like not and. We get kicked out by the host and then the hosts, my friend, heather and she has she's a friend of mine who has huge hits like double ds on tiny brain. He's all like. Actually never mind through. Chill might wow, that was. So. Suspicious Room Santa's party. We ended up like Here's the thing we're GonNa go Steal Beers from that, but there's a keg her classic. Part, so we're just like we'll get loaded. Near will be by the KEG. Drinking teenager like Lemme. purposely get fucked up. Money's worth, which is the most bizarre? Annot we do the same. Adriana Donna get Rio super fucked up and then I can have fun so weird, but I, we drink all this fear. We all get pretty drunk. We're leaving and then. The Guy. That I I, was with he stole their house phone like took it out of the wall, put it in his pants and I thought honey is that I thought it was so funny house like. Impregilo. Yes. He's away Mike Wow. Made Prince's year. then. And then we. We know how like ridiculously impressed I was by now for guys. Bed Isn't made a Mike I'm out of here. You probably won't be good at eating my. Young. But I'll see if you sit a shopping trolley and light. So then we go back. We're wrong drunk and we're like Oh fuck. We don't have enough gas to make it home, and we see a hose on this like house and I'm like. Hose can seif guest so that night before last night rigidity. I will let you know that. Before my lips were kissed by this man, they were kissed by the sweet liquid of gasoline. Borden hose and we shoved it. In a car. Like, an car gas tank A, we were like all. huffed gas I mean I'm trash it away like clearly, it's so dangerous. Like gasoline is like poisonous anyway, and then on top of that, you could go about all over you. That's like a fire hazard like my mom, my. Broke out. So yeah, gasoline involvement. Go back to his place. My girlfriend's are sleeping on his sofa. He lives in a one bedroom. It's a studio apartment in. It's by the beach and he has a roommate. His roommate is in the corner of the room. And this man had his own bedroom, which was the walk in closet so? It closet in Santa. Claus closet was also his bedroom and it had A. Had A mattress in it, so that's good ammon. Condom on. And Dot on top of man. And I'm talking in to pump champ here in..

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