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For Michael junior So last week baseball all. Star game was a lot of fun really. Entertaining night of baseball and about two minutes after it was over we, forgot about the night of baseball, because we were invalid in controversy Josh hater of the Milwaukee Brewers really promising young relief pitcher for a team that's been in. The thick of, things in. The National League central all year. Long some very racist very homophobic and I. Would say extremely regrettable tweets were unearthed during the all star game I'm not. Sure what, the, motivation was for the person who was. Going back, you know six seven, years and Josh haters Twitter history but nonetheless, the tweets were, awful and he, is gonna go to sensitivity, training and he apologized he apologized publicly he apologized to his teammates and I'm sure the, whole all-star. Experience ends up being a, pretty, negative one for one Josh Hader lot of people are wondering okay what's going? To, happen when he takes the mound when the regular season resumes well the regular season did resume for the Milwaukee Burn this weekend at home they had a three-game. Series against the, l. a.. Dodgers Josh hater took the mound. On Saturday night and he got what I. Would call a rousing standing ovation from the fans at Miller park and the. Reaction of, hater, by the fans in Milwaukee it's gonna. Be much, different when the brewers, go on the road I think we all, recognize that but, there's been a, lot of reaction to the, reaction that Josh hater God from the fans at Miller park Mina times ESPN radio host, host of. The morning rose says the, Milwaukee, ovation for hater negatively impacts the groups that hater was oppressing with his tweets? Imagine, being in that crowd imagine watching from home The gay person right which for example something he tweeted I think I was anti-gay and seeing hundreds thousands whatever if people stand up and applaud that person imagine. How that because that's what. Matters it doesn't matter You know what. You the person applauding think it, matters what the impact. Of that applauses, in it, boggles my mind that people can't, wrap their minds around the notion that that impact is the only, thing that really matters, here I get it and I agree but but they weren't they weren't applauding Josh hater the person they were not they they were applauding the fact Josh, Hader pitches for their favorite team which is independent race and he's really good and for this team. To win the National League central or to get to the postseason for the first time since two thousand eleven they need Josh. Hater to be as good in. The second half as. He wasn't the first half and so showing him some support, and making him feel good if that can increase the, likelihood that he's affective on the mound we're gonna stand in, cheer form that's, what? That, was if, if Josh hater. Is the twenty-fifth man on the team if, he's, a scrub at the end of the bench if, he's a relief, pitcher struggling who's often. Throwing pouring gas The fire they're not standing and cheering him and doing so. With the volume and the passion that they were on Saturday night they were cheering for their guy to do as well as he. Has in the first half in, the second half for. A team that's, independent race, that's all that was about this, was not a real show of support this wasn't him Kim them, condoning what he did, this was this guy's important to our team success and we want our team to win and so if by showing him support he has a better chance, of helping our team win that's what we're gonna do that's all it is now you might not. Agree with it you might think that that's sad I'm gonna bring up a another Cincinnati thing so last year the Bengals draft. Joe mixon Joe mixing you may. Remember it in the. Run-up to the draft was one of the most controversial guys, and fell into the second round because when he was, a to Oklahoma he was caught on videotape punching a woman Punching her in the face knocking her out and he missed a year of at Oklahoma and he fell into the second round. And the Bengals drafted him. They traded down and they did so because. They're running game needed to be revived and frankly..

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