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House Democrats are solidifying their leadership team for the new Congress. New York representative Hakeem Jeffries announced who will be nominated for a term of Speaker House Democratic Caucus elected Nancy Pelosi as our speaker, designee for the 117 Congress. Steny Hoyer. Is our majority leader, Jim Clyburn is our majority whip, and Katherine Clark as our assistant speaker that will be affirmed. In a vote of the full House in early January. Pelosi told reporters that Democrats are unified despite surprise gains by Republicans in the recent national elections. Week's deadly blast of the West Haven Veterans Affairs campus in Connecticut is being identified. 36 year old steam fitter Joe O'Donnell and 60 Year old You'll. Sims died while they were working on a pipe that apparently exploded. Donald was a contractor working from of any mechanical while Simmons was a Navy veteran who worked for the West Haven via U. S. Secretary of veterans Robert Wilkie visited the site yesterday, promising a joint state and federal investigation into the incident. New York City's Department of Education is closing all school buildings tomorrow as coronavirus Case numbers increase Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza's sent out a Twitter message indicating all schools will be closed for in person learning until further notice. Every student who had been on a hybrid or blended schedule for part of the week will now go all remote. Your bill DiBlasio has vowed schools would close with citywide testing rate had 3% The NBA draft is tonight. The Minnesota Timberwolves hold the top overall selection with the Golden State Warriors and liking second, the Charlotte Hornets will pick third. The draft is being held virtually An orphan beaver that's being cared for in New York is becoming an Internet sensation. Orange County based wildlife rehab expert Nancy Coyne took in beef after someone found him on the side of the road. Now nine months old, some of the videos posted show be playing and waiting at the door to come inside. Point notes Leave isn't a pet, adding, she ask to mimic his parents getting into the water this summer with him and pretending to know on sticks and and alliance. His progress is being documented on Tic Tac, although be will eventually be released back into the wild after around two years. Reporting for I news. I'm Jesse Paniagua. Charlie's management team is currently a team of one. Yeah, I got a meeting, but you keep up the good work. Can you fix that display for me? Did Steve show up today It's time to hire I need indeed, indeed, Ugo.

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