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We'll see whether that would become a net positive or net negative but it's definitely a net positive if the clippers have a traditional center out there on the floor which they are going to have to do at this point. They've run out of the small guys at this point. Yeah and not. They've run out of the kind of versatile perimeter players because when you you can't maintain the integrity of the system if you have all these other source do you can pick out whether they can't maintain contact with their guy out ball like some cards up or they can't defend oddball like rondo in this game. And that forces the clippers to try other things and that included one of the experiments that in the early stages of it worked phenomenally and that was demarcus cousins. Having this absolutely incredible stretch shortly after basically when he entered the game yeah he played too good minutes and eleven bad once. You're he had those two holy crap. Yeah i mean. He hit three got like a couple of posts ups on charlotte Which caused problems got the. Yeah yeah yeah. Y'all don't opry but that was probably one of the one of the few good plays that rondo made it in the game before the very end. That crazy scrambler. He had a couple offensive rebounds or just one but yeah it was and the unfortunate part then of course and and actually in the game one too. He had like a brief period where it looked like he was going to be doing stuff but then it completely off and then also play having him out there at the same time as canard as well. I mean that just completely supercharge the offense from both ends meet lucas. Two three six points hit a couple of difficult threes but just get completely lit up defensively and not like you would like for. Luke inaudible to guard camp johnson. Right and he's just like give up the easiest back cuts in the world to this guy which and some good action against the sun's thirty one assists on forty nine field goals when they are a really really good offense and monty williams is deserves to be in the discussion among the top coaches in the nba. I would say after these playoffs for the system the that he's implemented there for how many wrinkles they have for. I mean it's been. It's been awesome to watch this team. Team play so far but we. We've talked about some of the shortcomings for the clippers. I wanted to talk about some of the praiseworthy things and and as great as paul. George floyd i want to start with reggie jackson. I thought that he you know. Reggie jackson facing a different opponent facing a team. That has you know. They don't have the same level perimeter defense with chris. paul up but still has a lot of capable. Players helped end jackson the tricks of the trade for him. When know what kind of to attack not making as many states did five turnovers in this game but gino overall you to making better decisions. Shoot it when to shoot pass when to dr beta huge difference. No i think that's right and at the very beginning you're like okay. This is not done of mitchell and boy unplug donna. Vich and jordan clarkson that he's going against like the sons have real brimmer defenders and so reggie was able to find a way to work there and did it more of it inside the arc as well with penetration particularly in the second half four twelve from three so he didn't quite have the crazy magic. Louis hit a couple of really difficult ones as well so yeah he was solid but also i think another guy who just kinda ran out of gas that the enemy and there was one play where he drove into three guys in just threw a pass that had like absolutely nothing on it and got upset by booker that led to that l. You've put the suntan basically would have ended the game if the clippers hadn't gotten ninety seven offensive rebounds it in a row in the last minute So yeah it was clear that the sun had more energy at the end. Paul george and other guy who was awesome. Awesome three quarters and then really just did not have it in the fourth. I mean missed all five of his shots in the fourth quarter it there were times when it looked a little bit similar to kevin durant losing losing his legs in the overtime of game. Seven on saturday. But i mean georgia thought he had a really strong performance overall. You know the same balance of chretien and try and do stuff you know. There are a few possessions where you're like. Oh why are you trying to trying to score in the in the pain on deondraye in a couple of things like that but generally i thought he did did a nice job picking his spots and as i said before with devon booker making when when they sent extra attention making the past to an open teammate. To get yeah. And george was seven out of fifteen from three and really got going in the third basically three straight plays in pick and roll when eight and was in jock coverage just walking into a three head a beautiful step back to his right over booker near the right corner as well and so that was the point at which you started thinking with the deondraye eight and like you know. They're making life difficult on on amir and that was even with the traditional center out there just in a normal pick and roll and we talked about it obviously in the preview before this but aden was rightfully been lauded for having a really nice series defensively but his main challenge in those series was stopping man. One on one in the post. And i thought i think found something against him more in the second the second and third game when he had thirty points in both those games and got to the foul but then he went down and eaten was solid. They're put and then the nuggets one against yokich is one of the better guys in the league that you would want their so. Those challenges that he met were different challenges than what the clippers in theory were going to provide and still provide to some degree even when they have a traditional center on the floor with the shooting and spread pick and roll game. Although they don't have you know really just like a great pick and roll operator. Necessarily i would actually consider doing more of reggie jackson in pick and roll in the second game. If i'm the clippers if they if they have to go more with the traditional center let him handle..

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