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All the teams in the big east were in action. And yesterday it was Butler over Creighton eighty four sixty nine. And Bill and nobody took care providence sixty five fifty nine and then in an overtime game Saint John's defeated Georgetown ninety seven ninety four and in a game later on today. Seton Hall visits temple were Georgetown will be in. Cincinnati this Wednesday on January ninth to take on the musketeers. He'll look at the standing Seton Hall to Villanova also to two zero Saint John's to in one Georgetown, Butler, Creighton Xavier all one and one Marquette province to Paul current Marquel? In one province to Paul both Owen to this league this year Byron as you watch these teams play the winner the leak could have quite a few lost. Yeah. Joe? Villanova had some hiccups. At the beginning of the year job and watching them play the other day. I mean, they're starting to kind of come together. And but I think other than that, you know. I don't think Bill was going to lose a game at home. But I tell you what they're going to be more than beatable on the row. And this Marquette team is ranked in the top twenty. I think they are very beatable as well Xavier probably played their worst game offense of the year in the first half yet. They find themselves only down nine points. They had not made it three in the first half. If they cut shoot the ball halfway decent. This could be anybody's ballgame. Both teams are warming up the score at halftime, Marquette thirty five musketeers twenty-six. This has been the.

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