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And I also think that I mean, I'm not a superhero movie guy. Have I think I've seen two of the now Twenty-two marvel cinematic universe movies? And it's. I just like I think that the same weekend as arguably the biggest movie ever comes out with them. Sure epic battle scenes and epic. You know situations and the culmination of eleven years of movies ending the same week as arguably the most hyped television battle of all time one being significantly better from what I hear to this one. I think that really hurts it as well a lot. I'm sure those universes crossover at some point. Sure, there's plenty of people that watch both. And I can imagine the people that were so blown away by the vendors were very disheartened by what we saw Sunday, I had major ventures problems too. But that's another conversation for another time. I'll how dare you cry. What was it was great for the I thought it was fantastic for the record. And I'm not gonna say anything of consequence here because you'll end up. Shady Alexa, and I were walking around Home Depot yesterday like just running some errands, and we were talking about Smith. Venture stuff as we walked in. And I was like I don't want to stop talking about this now because I would be so angry. If I was out of I was at Home Depot, and I hadn't gotten the chance to see the movie yet and just some random person gave away a plot point as I was at Home Depot. And she thought it was crazy, but it's perfectly reasonable. Yeah. See like, I don't want to. So I will not I will not make any reference to anything to give anything away. I thought it was a fantastic movie not without its falls. But the last thing I want to talk about a with this game of thrones thing before we move onto our next segment here is Genry because obviously has not been very big character up until this point. He he's had an interesting season. So far with one of the more uncomfortable scenes that I've ever seen on game of thrones. Which is insane. Yeah. It was just consenting adults. The situation is somehow more skeeve skeeving than brother and sister. Do you disagree? No. No, no. I totally agree. I'm I'm not here for aria being involved in a dull relationships. No. I'm here for killing the night king. I'm definitely not here for the other stuff. Yeah. I know maisy Williams is like twenty two or whatever. But she's forever twelve she Arias forever twelve. So it's just it's not. Okay. But whatever God bless, it's they all thought they were going to die. So be it. But let's talk about Gandhari will Gandhari be confirmed as the son of, sir. Sea lions ter- Bethesda has yes at plus three hundred no at modest five hundred confirmed is the son of, sir. See, yes. This is the big plot point here. This is the big theory that he is sir sees illegitimate child or Robert's illegitimate child. Now fused will this asks will be confirmed as the son of, sir? Sea lions ter-. Well. No. But but I do think I do think that it's all going to eventually come out. I mean, he already spilled the beans to aria he told her who is other people. I'm sure half to are going to be able to figure this out. I mean, it's. He seems so insignificant like as far as time on screen throughout the series that for him to somehow emerge is the number one guy and end the series in one big Barath, Ian time as a flat circle situation. I I find it really hard for that to actually happen. I would actually see this news coming out and either either Jamie or. Jamie were Danny taking him right off the right off the earth as quickly as possible, you think Jamie's in the killing people like just killing in this criminally business anymore. I feel like Jamie's kind of moved onto the I'm kind of hero again business. He wildcard. Now. He's he is wildcard. Because now again, we kind of touched on earlier..

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