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The wwl newsroom on news talk thirteen eighty. News radio. I'm Brian shook Tide's arising quickly as hurricane Florence closes. In on the Carolina coast water levels are about four feet above normal at cedar island, North Carolina. Florence is about eighty five miles from Wilmington North Carolina and is packing sustained winds of over one hundred miles per hour. Federal resources are ready to jump in and help in the relief effort ahead of Florence. The department of defense says the military is standing by prepared to assist. Three communities in northern Massachusetts are in the dark as fire crews worked to handle multiple gas explosions, dozens of buildings caught fire in Lawrence north Andover in Andover. Due to what's believed to be over pressurized gas lines. Massachusetts state police chief Joe Solomon said it's too early to assess injuries derived this two houses, they evacuated they reported triaging injuries. But I have no idea if it was serious power has been cut in. The communities to prevent more. Fires from breaking out people who live in the area have been urged to evacuate. If their customers of Columbia gas Republican House speaker Paul Ryan says there's no reason to dispute the death toll from hurricane Maria Puerto Rico, the recently revised death toll was set at nearly three thousand Ryan's comment today. Contradicted claims by President Trump FEMA administrator Brock long is under investigation by the department of homeland security for misusing his government resources on trips back to his home in North Carolina. The lead disaster official for hurricane Florence said on Thursday that he will fully cooperate with the probe long addressed the matter at a news briefing for hurricane Florence on Thursday. The inspector general for the d h s took interest in the matter after one of the government vehicles was involved in an accident long says if they made mistakes running the program Bill fully cooperate to make sure they are corrected. Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. The Dow was up one hundred and forty seven points to close at twenty six one Forty-five..

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