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Heard the crowd like that? I mean, you could hear the ground making all that noise, although the Yankees and the metropolitans do plan on holding cardboard fan appreciation night. For their last hung. And I always wondered why. At Boel barks fans would sing Take me out to the ballpark when they're already there. All right. Back to the phones. We shall go 18773376666 is the number to call. And, uh, let's go to fair lawn and and take one of the former Isaac is calling from Fair lawn and Isaac, You're on the fan in New York City. What is happening with you and yourself? How's it go? And, um I think what Shaun Jackson did obviously was stupid, but you know, no intent to No, be hurtful to the Jewish community. I think he's just stupid about it. Um, but I think what Steven Jackson's words was like doubling down, basically saying, Like, You know what Sean Jackson did was fine and you shouldn't have to apologize, and I think that's more hurtful. And what did Sean Jackson did? Yeah, both. There's really think ignorance was a part of the show on Jackson. Now I know I was talking to Michael Phlegm and he would cut him. And I understand that And you heard of Lily a little while ago from Manhattan. I'd be a little bit more understand Well, it's hard to understand. I mean, it's so awful, but You're right about Steven Jackson. What I heard wasn't very solid, and I think hey, just basically tried to talk himself out of it didn't do a very good job. And since eight minutes and 46 seconds with a George, Florida he referred to George Floyd as his brother. They wore friends. There's no question about that. And what he had to say. After the death of George Floyd, what he's been saying all along has been eloquent and right and with a quality in mind, and with Justice for all in mind, but what he had to say and what I heard about quarter to 11 from a Stephen Jackson just made it worse and so I do agree with you with that, and I would as a Jewish person. You know, if if he was suspended, the has to know that there are consequences. For what? He did both of them. But again, you know, they don't practice height, and certainly there was a great deal of hate and murder and genocide. That comes to mind something that just turns the stomach when, when Sean Jackson basically said what he was saying, and Steven Jackson condoning what he had to say, and then sounding awful in the interview that I saw about quarter to 11 Isaac Thank you very, very much. For calling very much appreciated comments on the record and certainly respected and again I don't think with their Sean Jackson that I'm you know, First of all, he's 33 34 years old. He is no longer the player. That he was still a young man and really life, but certainly it's a football player has been there and done that. And I don't think Philadelphia would do with the two Jewish people running the team. I mean, everyone knows from Lourie. And Rosemond, who is the general manager. I mean, they they right away, put out the kind of statement that you would expect, but they didn't punish him in any way, But I do think they're going to make available to destroy Jackson. You know his opportunity to turn ignorance and education to turn ignorance into information so that he could understand. What his words meant to the Jewish community. And as an African American. I mean, he certainly knows better. You would like to think that Steven Jackson as a mentor as a voice of protest, you know, since George Floyd with his murder Now that Steven Jackson might have started the education and information process, But all he did was basically condone. And then in trying to backpedal in the interview, I saw 1/4 to 11 on the TV just made it worse. So the bottom line is that we'll see if the NFL does anything. The Philadelphia Eagles haven't done anything and you know they've been through this kind of thing well before. And so the bottom line is there was a were a shade of hypocrisy here not only with the with the Eagles to some degree, but certainly with the NFL to some degree. A lot of people are outraged. That is understandable if it was going to be fired. I would understand that if he was going to be suspended of by the leg, even if he did, even if he was let go by the Eagles and signed by somebody else. The league if they were to suspend him for another a number of games. I think I would understand that I would not complain about that. But between you, me and the lamppost if he is willing to educate and inform himself I think I would basically give him a has he doesn't practise eight. But what he had to say was hateful, and he has to know why it was hateful, and I hope that process starts. Sooner than later. 18773376666 is the number to call. Abe is calling from Brooklyn, New York, Abe Hi, Steve. Hey, You know I love your show, but I tell you one thing. Yeah, I don't agree with you there things that to Sean Jackson. He's 10 years old when Drew B's head. That he will stand for the national anthem. That's right. They blew a gasket on him. They screamed at him. Everyone came down on him. I didn't hear one football player, not one football player. Say something to the show on Jackson. Just talking from, uh, from nothing And just saying, you know, Okay, danceable. He's not 10 years old, right? He has systematically. It's pretty where it is dramatic. I know there's no question, but I don't think He understands why that is anti somatic. Now, maybe. I mean, no able, you know, Listen, you know your words are respected and there's no right or wrong between you and me on this. That's how you feel, and that's understood. And your words mean something You should know that. I think he doesn't understand that. What he had to say was anti Semitic. I just think ignorance and stupidity and being uneducated and being totally unaware. Of what he had to say was anti Semetic. I don't think he understands that now. Maybe a when you couldn't know you, Khun. Get on me because you may say, Oh, no, Wait a minute. He's 33 34 years old. He understands what they should understand and know of Hitler and genocide and murder and concentration camps. And you would, but I'm not so sure he's aware Of all of that Now, maybe I'm way off here and you can get on me for that, and I'm Jewish and I would be first of all if he is willing to educate and inform himself Then I would feel a lot better beat us in practice a destroyer in Jackson and even with the stupidity coming from Steven Jackson, little while ago which made the whole thing wars And I think don lemon who understands right from wrong and common sense. I think it was embarrassed because I think he thought that Steven Jackson was going to speak better for himself. As well as a Xhaferi end of the show on Jackson. But Steven Jackson just came off awful for Andrew and he basically condone with Sean Jackson had to say, I just think it was less hate. Less. What he said was what course anti Semitic, but I think I had to do. I don't think Sean Jackson has a clue with what he was saying, and how hurtful it was saying what he said to a whole group of Jewish people. But But look in the 19 sixties who will of the people who watch together with the Blacks? Who There are a lot of no, that's a lot of Jewish people. Hand in hand with them. You know what he knows Line. But here's the thing, Abe. I don't think he understands that. I don't think he's aware of that. He wasn't around in the 19 sixties. Of course, Jewish people and African Americans have a lot. Unfortunately in common. With persecution genocide with hate with murder, of course, but I You understand, I understand, but I don't think he understands He's just clueless. And again if he were practicing hate if he was, you know, hanging out with Louis Farrakhan if it was quoting Edler all the time and death to Jewish people, it's Edward said, then That's one thing. I just think. That here was a random thought that he posted in cyber space. And this is that the worst thing about social media with a somebody getting some kind of thought they got too much time on their hands. Whatever it is The bottom line is, I don't think he is a hateful now this I may be totally wrong, but there's no no frame or reference that there's no background of him practising hate. I just that why would be quote Barican? Why would he croaked again at the same time just now said that the Jews should die into the world. American, he quoted Sarah can not only its lady called Barican. Well, Sanders person around. Well, here's You don't think he just throws it out. I don't well and, well, Hitler too. I mean in the rain and the and the in the different Jackson posed. You've got both a reference said to Hitler and a Farrakhan. That's fun, You know, But I think it has to do with ignorance. Mohr than practice..

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