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We got a a product that we've been talking about on the podcast that I I think one of the best things Out there And so needed Dad this doesn't apply to your world but for the rest of us in computer land that have kids or grandkids and Mike as your great grandkids. So kids figure out quickly Usually through the Internet how to get into troubling things. Because there's a lot of trouble I was the only Internet. Utah met these APPS and we've talked about snapchat immaturity uh-huh Chernow mature enough. And you got an you have adults be out there praying as well so you you put that together you got that some disastrous things. There's other adults that are busy on their phone so busy. They're not paying attention with their kids are doing on their this right. So Oh There's there's some folks that have started the have a product called circle So it's got the ideas that we're going to draw a circle sort of around and your family and they've come up with a way to be able to manage filter. You know how much time your kids can be on the Internet when they can be on the Internet there's a lot a great features About this go circle home plus and so I was just in Up in North Carolina and they were putting circle on Zach our cousin and he's all it was so funny because while bins do going through the process you know he. I won't Watch watch to see what's fixing to happen in like like two minutes later. They all come running. I can't get what happened. I lost my. I mean everybody's like immediately it was something has happened there and it was like calm down. And here's what we're you do. It and then Zack. Explained to ask is what they were putting out so they were just doing this. The song love is like a circle. This is it is you know I have. I don't listen into radio singing this as like a kid. Song of like.

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