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Way to do it the Atlanta officers charged in last week's shooting death of ray shard Brooks turned themselves in here's ABC's Steve osunsami twenty seven year old okay Rick Ross the former officer who shot and killed race shark and wrote in the parking lot of a Wendy's restaurant is fighting a murder charge he's being held without bail twenty six year old Devin Bronson is accused of aggravated assault and walked out hours later on a fifty thousand dollar signature bond he then went on cable TV sharing with everyone is seen in these police videos that this police encounter started peaceful and line of officers mean time called out sick protesting the firing of the following that is of murder charges against Ralph the interim chief says members of the force feel abandoned it's not clear how many officers called out today the man accused of murdering his former neighbor in Braintree is being held without bail Robert boning of Marshfield rain virtually through Quincy District Court earlier today pleading not guilty to the charges against him prosecutors allege she went to Laurie mulching on his front door dressed as a UPS driver and holding a box they say there was a rifle in that box and one bill she ought to open the door they say he reached into the box and fired killing her zero three checking the roads now the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is Mike echo what you got well it's that time of the night John road work setting up to the north for ninety five south is stopping go a good two miles through Westford with ongoing work at Boston road exit thirty two I believe that got you down to one lane they're headed ID three nor it's the it's backing up quickly through Methuen that's a lame taken up past one ten one thirteen the upper end of one twenty eight's good only thirty minutes between the mass turnpike and route one in Peabody to the western mass term bikes good out of the brutal really all the way out past four ninety five it into Milbury on route to Easton Devon's there's a lane taken a Jackson road a bit slow getting by there things are good to the south now that lower stretch of ninety three is much better to Randolph and Braintree had a crash earlier by route thirty seven it's gone the expressways good shouldn't be any more than twelve minutes between the o'neill tunnels and the Braintree split on route three south you can do the speed limit now down pass route fifty three nice and quiet downtown if you're coming in you can use the lower deck of ninety three the Tobin bridge and the lever down ramps without a hassle all the airport tunnels are good and strode five looks good both ways to get more square miking WBZ's twenty four hour traffic network Brian Thompson with the accu weather forecast of a partly cloudy sky for tonight will be a sticky night especially heard a recent nights low sixty seven sunshine and some clouds tomorrow high eighty five in Boston but near ninety north and west of the beaches will be near eighty in the afternoon mostly clear tomorrow night sixty seven hot and humid on Saturday with a mix of sun and clouds I eighty eight to ninety two an audit of the clouds.

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