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Is an emergency room nurse who works at orange regional medical center in middletown new york this more yesterday she spoke wnyc from the airport minutes before boarding a plane to texas with a group organized by new jersey hospital association she's taking off time to uh she taking time off rather to to volunteer granted fish and knowing that gardner had been working confidently prior to the hurricane even head and they haven't been able to go home hitter on family forever if you're not taken on our own home i can't imagine dean says she's never volunteered on something like this before but she's feels she has to go to help we'll see good deal of sunshine today with highs around seventy clouds tonight right now 56 degrees hello and welcome to newshour from the bbc world service coming to live from london on james tomorrow salvi today as kenya supreme court overturned the result of last month's presidential election we'll hear from prominent supporters of the man who thought he'd won the manning thought he'd lost also the acclaimed indian novelist amitav ghost talks about the latest floods in mumbai and the indian cities failure to deal with the beaten japan windows in our quick everybody knows what to do in india their windows flag nobody knows what to do so for example live in well my this tangle around all or there won't be proper warnings and will hear from a family reunited after fleeing the war in syria we begin though oh in kenya and an unprecedented legal judgment which could have wide reaching implications not just for the country but for the entire african continent can use of gun used to their presidential election results being disputed by the opposition and so it was this year when the defeated main opposition candidate rilo dhingra said that the announced victory of the incumbent to who can yasser in last month's vote was flawed and should not be validated and sixteen people were reportedly killed in protests which followed the result but what kenyans have not seen before is what happened today the supreme court agreeing with the opposition's assessment declaring the august vote null and void and calling for another election in sixty days time the ruling based on the conclusion of four of the six judges was read out by the courts chief justice david maraga a decoration is hit by issued that the presidential election held on eight august two and seventeen was not conducted.

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