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For the legal eagle files for the lighter side of legal news find something new to love this summer and thanks for listening to Casey R. W. all right at four nineteen here at KCRW my name's Leri pearly listening to All Things Considered just ahead on the program com has mostly returned to the streets of Minneapolis after almost two weeks of protests over George George Floyd's death now residents were taking stock of the physical damage left by looters as is happening in several other cities including Santa Monica downtown LA Fairfax district as well also coming up in the program president trump said in the wake of George Floyd's death that police nationwide have to do better but the justice department under trump has backed away from the Obama era police reforms more and what those are and why they've taken a bit of a backseat also it just want to tell you the bottom of the hour KCRW's own angel careerists is that a protest in downtown LA he's gonna join us live with an update in about ten minutes or so look at your roads now in west Hollywood one of one south bend at Sunset Boulevard we have a stalled car blocking the right lane there that's got traffic backed up to about Hollywood Boulevard it's gonna stay slow all the way over to the one ten it out water village myself found this one at Fletcher crash being cleared good news traffic backed up though recovering from Colorado well in downtown LA what a one south bound at Broadway stole car in the right lane you're backed up the Grand Avenue and also in downtown LA surface streets affected by protests this is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Elsa Chang and I'm Sarah McCammon colon has mostly returned to the streets of Minneapolis.

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