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Our deepest grief we knew that we couldn't do anything more than mon have passing and talk about saw memories of her life can be chaos a cats arms and it may take a while numeral service to be resumed even in the most challenging situations some tunsil we can really do is accepts what's happening around us that we can't control everything but i believe that navigating life with both humility and purpose might just make it easier to whether any features storms no matter where they may come from and that will thought for the day with jobs reducing the time is a bit story and light and noise pelisson we should think about all three and temps with threat to health as well as a threat to the environment that's the view of england's chief medical of the dame sally davies as she releases ha annual report today pollution is like junk food she says it doesn't kill you on the day but slowly it can accumulate and do you home dame saudi davis's with us in the studio good morning good morning let's talk first about noise and light pollution because they are less undestood than air pollution how dangerous all day well they come both of them impact on all sleep i'm a you don't sleep well we know that goes through into your concentration during the day you'll learning your ability to work but actually ultimately if you sleep very badly for a long time to your mental health so it is important we sleep well i think there's increasing research found that more we know is that we've noise pollution it is the biggest cause of complaints for any pollution to local authorities me that's not the same though as it being harmful to our health food danger.

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