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And when I watched him fight Hinton Barral for that first time when he was I think he's like twelve and one and hidden Barral was or maybe like twelve in two or something in Barral was like thirty two and one and he just had to get the call to get pulled up last minute, and he's a super underdog. And when I wash them go out there and put that display on did, I shed a fucking tear. It was the most like magnificent thing I've ever seen. And it wasn't just a skill is the fact that he rose that occasion. And put on the way he did. I mean that was like. Beyond glorious and like magnifying, but a person could do so ever since. Like, I gotta watch this do. So then I like started, you know, going through the archives dillashaw and just just really get into. And then I started mixing my style up like him. How for not point I start really switching stances. And so he was the guy you kind of got me to start switching stances heavily. And then I got his go my legs. I did my right and started of picking up some of those moves by still mixed in like kind of a little GSP. And then of course, you know, you guys like the Greg from the scene, and that's like holy fuck. That's a whole nother style right there. And so I started trying to pick up McGregor style movement characteristics, rather? And then you get even guys like fucking could even their pressure on the ground. And I just a little things the way I do on the cage to defend him one day. And then also just kind of a little bit more fish in my grip. So I'm I'm very respectful, these guys games, you know. And certainly not a buff thinking that like I've got all the answers because these guys paid the way for a reason so guys crews like really really hard guys to train for or hard guys to figure. Out there. You know, that's a good guy to kind of want to at least learn something from because he seems like a very very hard guy to prepare because he strikes in every way, and he's extremely hard to figure extreme more than anything. I wanted to be unorthodox. I wanted to be unique and unorthodox. And so I put my own flavor on on their on their foundations. You did. Well, then we're really fun fighter to watch. And they have a lot of faith and you put in you up against cowboy. And again, if it's the main event of the prelims, they know people are gonna be watching that fight. That's always a good fight. And cavalry never fights down there. So you're his first fight back lightweight in a long time. So let's see how he handles that. That's a fifteen pound cut from what he's having to use to. It's not typical ten pound drop. So we'll see if that affects or cardio at all try this time. I heard you against me last time partner who I bet against you. That's what I heard all. You know what dude? I wasn't familiar. You had one fight with door news rush. Rush. Right. And you start them. But there wasn't a lot to really base it on. And I I seen a little bit more tape on mercy. But I'll tell you, man. I'm I'm put me on the spot. I'll be on. I'm I think about this. I'm gonna think about this, Alex. And listen, I hold you very if it was just how exander you tell him. What's that? If you're gonna just take out. I'm on the fence. Not going to be on the fence. I'm on the fence right now. But I'm gonna think about this because I was just watching both fights before we called, you gotta think about eighty gotta really think about it. But I do listen, it's exciting and Alana is going to be on it and. Listen, you're gonna listen this episode end of it. You'll have this. You'll find out what's. It's very tough to picky. Cowboy too though because he just he he wins a lot of people don't expect them to win. And then he won't look as good for a fight because he fights every two weeks. So a couple of fights. He'll look like, oh, no. He's lost two straight. And then he just starts winning again. He's a really really hard gotta best as well..

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