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Robert Rubinstein, and this is Rubinstein's rules for personal injury rule. Number nine, head injuries are serious. You can get a brain injury from bad whiplash without even hitting your head sometimes symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can be subtle watch out for changes in personality your behavior, your family may notice it I Rubinstein law. We make sure all of your injuries are addressed especially head injuries. Call Rubinstein law at one eight hundred f l legal offices in Tampa. And throughout Florida firming Ford's March madness sales event is happening now saved thousands of MS RPM on f one fifty explorer, Mustang and escape with zero percents financing available for up to seventy two months on select models. And we don't have what you're looking for will find don't miss your chance to save big stop by urban four to get the best deals of the year before they're gone fine firm and four twenty minutes from west case downtown Tampa and St Petersburg, just one mile south of countryside. Molly Clearwater, or online twenty four seven and bourbon or dot com. Hi. I'm attorney injured at par motorcycle accident. I can help it. Meet call eight six six law main office palm harbor, hey mister world here at the world's fastest zip line. You know, going this fast is kind of like shopping at eyeglass world, the world's best way to buy glasses glass world has in store labs. So they get my glasses done the same day instead of leaving. Glass world the world's best way to buy glasses. Get started with two pairs for seventy eight dollars. Visit eyeglassworld dot com for store locations and offer details. Hello. I'm Joe.

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