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I should put in a 91 a request a freedom of Information, Act sure, to New Hampshire to find out how many arrests they've had and how many tickets. It's like how many people were arrested for cannabis possessions that used to be a misdemeanor here until 2017 so pride of 2017 so looking at the full year of 2016 And they're looking for a full year of 2018 to 2019 How many arrests were there in 2016, and then look at 2018 and see how many tickets were written and how many arrests I would say if I have to pay if I had to take a guess It's probably like very close to zero, because in order for it to be, and I think, arrest a criminal anyway, offense, you have to be convicted twice prior. So right or have more than three quarters of an ounce. So there's a certain county which threw too So I guess there could still be some arrests. But I suspect the other way gone way down and because they're probably not looking as much as they used to as well, so that that's why you and I did talk to a cop the other day, and he sort of echoed that sentiment. So I suspect that that is the case. But I haven't seen the actual number. So I disagree with you. In fact, Darrell Perry uses the term and I don't remember. It was nobody who came up with this term or Darrell Deep penalization. So instead of having d Crim no, no, that would have brought up cattle to castration. I don't know if you can help with something similar at one point, But it was a word that was different than decriminalization. Different legalization would What I'd like to say is just repeal of marijuana laws. There you go. Just get the word marijuana. Get all of the drug names out of the penal code. We'll Interestingly I don't think it actually exists in the New Hampshire penal code because I think they just have laws. I think what they have is a law that adopts the federal comes schedules. The drug schedules never end up federal stuff because those guys are idiots, absolutely telephone number so offense. Essentially, if we were to end that strike to schedule, then everything would be legal. In New Hampshire. Morton appear moments This is free Talk life. 85 chef's knife, nine active burners, one busy restaurant at Liberty Mutual Insurance. We understand your business and Taylor coverage to fit your needs. Talk to your independent agent to learn more..

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