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Was lying around process and being able to put those process flows in the tool to to help get people in the same age. Walk me through the difference. Why i'm curious before he got it there almost two years ago and today what would you say are the main differences. Your company actually approaches. I wouldn't even look broadly. The approach emanate that's different before they had a corporate function. Anyone what it's doing today. I think the difference today is the organization and the up front preparation just alone the planning knowing what to expect even if somebody's doing the same amount of work today as they were before i was around even samina work just being prepared and organized it takes things and stress level from like nine down to it too because they know what to expect the understand. What's going to happen. They're not scrambling just thought of like. I don't know i don't know handling this. And what's the next step. Like i can know my immediate task. But where's this going to go afterwards and then you start thinking about all the things that are to be do down the line. It's in your head you're thinking there's no plan attack money of this. It raises that anxiety and stress level to a whole 'nother level even though it doesn't do any good sound like you get any extra work. It's the same amount of work is knowing that it's organized and taking care of thought about and planned out it's helpful highlight to think that as we progress and as we get better with our process to halo. I'm hoping it's just gonna be. People are excited about in joy and we wanted to do more of its creating issues or additional stressor anxiety. I like that reduce improving confidence getting your team. Members and seeing these functions don't evolve so simple and easy they take a long time. We did the interview. You can disco even after two hundred plus deals. They're still innovating in rethinking. Their emanate approach. Which brings me to you. Mentioned an integration and there is a lot of emphasis on integration. That folks you talk to your surprise where their top of mine was around the integration activity which i feel like the theme the last two years of interviews round of emphasis of integration. That's the maker. Break it point of the transaction. What's your approach to working with immigration. I'm most respect for integration folks to hold other realms somebody did the work and a cool company by then he thought over the fence and and you guys gotta go make this work and actually deal with these employees and send messages communicate with them and change their benefits and it's an awesome position in a ton of respect for our integration team. That's where a lot of the pain could come from. You don't diligence dealer certain way or you overpay a little bit usually not the end of the world but with integration. If it's done poorly it can be a nightmare for. Everybody can taint the deal. It can people quit. You're gonna leave a permanent sour taste in somebody's mouth on the other. Maybe this the sellers team. It's gotta be done well for us. It was starting with integration. And what can we do earlier on even before billions before.

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