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It's going to be but the way we're breaking down as we have been so. I believe there's twenty two locks right now on the roster Gary Dj Dvd Geo Gardner Judge. Let's break it down by like position. I just ran. I did hitters and pitchers okay so obviously gary and roll minor. Yeah yeah no doubt. Dj First Baseman in your second basement in DVD's your shorts up in Geo. They said he's fully healthy did a full workouts. He's in third base. Thank God that ankle didn't come up to bite him. Edwin sounds like he's Fogo. He's going to start. He may okay a little later in the series of he's feeling healthy enough but he's in huge huge huge playoff experience guy knows he's been. They're not gonNA be scared or anything and we were talking about last episode how we're worried if he didn't get into any games at the end of the season. I think it doesn't bother Edwin because it's such a veteran that he's like. I know I know how to hit a basement. Also knocking knocking that bird has a big thing you need something in the playoffs and that's something that they have that just like a stupid thing but funny for them thumbs down a couple of years. Here's exactly what you need that one thing labor just holding that up after homer. I've ever lived for that type of moment also for whatever reason I keep like daydreaming that Edwin is the same mm-hmm type of player has ruled was one year. They had ninth-inning base it off but I like it. I just an experience better in played a lot of teams. I picture very him in that sort of a lot better on yes. It's hard to be better than twenty dollars playoff ruler Pontius yeah fair until Edwin steps off the plane. He's about to do Edwin h Gardner good to go. He's center fielder Giancarlo. They said he's feels great. He's your leftfielder and right fielder Aaron. Judge those your locks. Those are all your hitters locks everything after that you can make a case for somebody I I'm. I'M GONNA put weight and maybe and his locks to see. I don't I know about that. I don't know if both those guys walks both outfielders yeah but we'd can play the Infield to and run and run. I think as the need for maybe he just another someone if someone gets but you don't need that extra guy unless someone in the Alpha gets hurt. Somebody gets hurt. You can sub him in. You can be your syrup. It's it's good to have like I mean we could be a pinch runner and I don't. I don't know I if we pinch runs for somebody. Say like an Kadarshian then you still have been for the I don't know I I just think both provide value are going to carry thirteen hitters well. We'll get into so let me just say well. It's pitchers here's then we'll see what we have left and well how many spots you have so that was ten guaranteed hitters now the pitchers obviously all the stars. I think are Paxton's Sobat worship. We're GONNA I think they're going to try as much as they can to get him in there so Paxton Samantha Half Tanaka Severino all those guys are in that's five then. You're obviously you're relievers. Green Green Canley Britain out of you know Chapman. That's another five so that gets you to twenty twenty locks and then I'm putting Sesa as lock long reliever. ooh I disagree I from everything you hear from them successes on the team. I think he will be to enough. I don't think you can put him as locking up like tolerated very similar. That's I think tyler. I think SESA will make it. SESA is tyler way. The bullpen better be blowing the team out better be ain't nothing Yankees in the team all year like right. Nothing suggests that he won't be and I think LASAGNA's into I have a feeling feeling it might be tyler lines. They realize unbelievably horrible. He's got twelve shown me nothing days the day like him. He's a like say you almost have to take a lap chasing sheep. You should never come out of your mouth. fucking a high of their tummies jacked up. We said she took with chases for even everyone's I don't I really every time he he came in that stupid fucking lefty bag that guy's wife hate I mean if you look at all right. It's not great but eight and two thirds innings with the Yankees seven hits four runs twelve strikeouts the to office. I'm telling you they're gonna like they like something about him. I A lefty yacht Kepler a Rosario. I would not be shocked if if he's the guy that nobody sees coming makes the team. What has he shown you. I don't think he showed me. I mean twelve strikeouts workouts to walk. Let me throw to walk and they seem to like him. They put them in situations. I'm telling you he's my dark horse. I think he might make the team. What about the experience at the four runs and seven hits in eight innings. How's that that's not good. Three home runs in eight and eight love through there. I'm not AH I wanted to put them on. I'd rather Johnny Lasagna. I'm just saying I would not be surprised especially if CC's out that they want another lefty guy hi you know we always get a who'd you bring back from the nineteen so Martin Masa to Ryan Howard and Chase Elliott he eviscerated those people you were left against the Muslim and he decided for the slaughter you were you. Were you struck out. You might as well just walked. We're real quick though bring up chasing story. We haven't talked all year. He has relative the team to his wife not like me chasing streets wife doesn't like him but there was one time as a bar you're with a friend of mine and her like one of our really good friends is chasing trees wife and I had to pretend she was telling me and we were hanging out at the bar and either pretend my name was not ERC. I had to go by different you have to because she would have recognized like the Eric and should have put together either. Go by like something like Jason. I'd be be of very of course they're worse issues mean. It was still a quick side story. I think I've ever told this okay so so we have the twenty. Lakhs of hitters and pitchers think says in twenty one. I'll give you a weight because Wade was. I think he's still maybe but I think because of his versatility and speed any hit the balls start in the year. He's in two assessors twenty-first lock. Let's go wager twenty-second lock that leaves you three spots between in lasagna. May Been Ford Voi- hail Garin Lions Cortes my picks here would be lasagna's in because I think I think he has just the electric. He's the most electric. Anyone name is a pitcher. If I want a big out out of any of these slumps frozen taking on those fucking ninety nine dollars an hour I'm taking economic guy and that would be my last pitcher. I go at twelve pitchers and I think they're debating thirteen twelve I go. I don't think you need to force Garin. Lions or courses on this Tina have extra pinch garbage men. If you need to garbage men that's a fucking problem may not be three garbage men because I put sesame in that category. I don't put LASAGNA's a garbage man either lasagna's above yeah but I think I think you have the ten lakhs if C. C.'s healthy and then. I don't think you need three people who you don't really WANNA use right all right okay so mine. Cecil on and then I'm GonNa go wade. Obviously I'm going forward because that's my fucking boy and I think this time off will get him going and you're crazy. If you don't think it's GonNa be on there. I think there's a good chance a lot of Taiwan Amman and I think I'm biased unbiased like we we love him. You need him on the team. Just for like like presents presents seed seen in just in there yet. It's not right now. I I want him on it for sure as on the twenty five but everything you read all I'm you know reading a roster predictions. Everyone's got him on the bubble might not make it. I think he's got to be on the team. Look I know he's got the oblique isn't totally been the same since like the London series but light. I just he's like I feel like he's a big moment guy looking. He doesn't need to start but a pinch hitter off the bench place. Go nuts too on need team. I don't think there's a it shouldn't be any question I think of these guys and we love Mike Ford. Love them but I think of the guys where the like what is potential. It's way harder than everybody else's like void. When it gets hot he's unstoppable these I mean we haven't seen in a while because he's been dealing with injury and he's been the slump went on. I'm thinking when people tend to doubt look and this has been the most probably extended slump had maybe as his tenure as the Yankee throwing out when he first came up that didn't count. I just think the days off here. He's GONNA get a ton of cement bats here. I think yet he faced lasagna on you. Sorry he faced Montgomery today. It's going to get his mind back. He's going to able to reset Friday. He'll be locked and loaded. I put I put void on this roster. I do too so so that but I will not be shocked if he's not so then. How do you fit everybody. CD Mabon your three hitters judy four heads off the bench and years row mine Wade Mabon envoy. Those are guys okay. Why would you have yeah. I think that that does work actually yeah may you wouldn't do. Ford envoy well then you don't have to carry eleven pitcher and you don't or first baseman including Lemay Edwin. That seems unnecessary. Yeah I would go Mabon Mabon Voi- wait as my three guys not right. I think the last spot hitting wise is really gonNA come down to void or Ford which is our our two friends and I think pitching. It's yeah it's going to be lasagna or Tyler Lyons for that last spot assuming CICI's healthy and assuming sauces there. That's what I think. We're looking that right now again. You're crazy. If you put forward on that Rosser over voight four it was hot down the stretch and no big twins relievers alrighty which I think can all be plays all they always WanNa left the in there. No I know it's not like he's. He's the guy everyone on the roster. I don't think before I just if they put Garin Lions Ryan's Cortes on there. I will freak out yes. There's always a reason I have to pitch no reason you've Cecil there for assesses the guy when they're like if they are ever losing you put them in their losing big process in their God. I know that's GonNa Hap or knows by the time this comes out. I think they're gonNA wait till Friday morning. They have to nine. Am Friday yes he. Usually they usually gamesmanship move. You Wait No. There's no benefit to release the twins more time the game plan or whatever I think you wait until affiliated classic move over the Patriots. You wait till the last second release your roster right because then the twins can adjust cigar release it right now so but I think they're could decide internally. They'll all know tonight yes because they're going to want to do a full team. Work out of the guys there on Thursday and then have everyone ready to go on Friday and have no one you don't want the people like playing the what if game what everyone everyone definitively knowing if your honor off start preparing themselves for the game and honestly with the way injuries have gone this year if you're not on the team there's a good chance you're going to be on the team at some point throughout the playoffs. Very the odds are incredibly in your favor that there's going to be an injury you know like a Clint Frazier Razer or Mike Ford doesn't make Ford for sure matching like king to sneak Estrada Yeah Strada Yeah for sure. Okay okay now rosters rotation. I'm giving the ball Paxton. Is there any disagreement here game one Friday night. I mean that's the highest pitcher if he's healthy I ah there hasn't been any updates here so I assume he is healthy. I assume no no we have no problems there. Yeah I want Paxton game. One and then it's this class. I just don't know what to do into into. There's no lock for game two. I mean it's got to be severing our Tanaka but the question is what. What order do you do it. You know I'm good with Tanaka to go with him going to. He's been obviously Severino hasn't he. Just got back. He looks good but he's basically. Which pitcher do you think needs to be at home more. That's also I was going to say. Severino actually would probably suffer crowd way more numbers splits this year address but if you take away that London Star and that one fenway start as low force and he just doesn't give a fuck about baseball so that's good hates baseball you know fat. Is it yeah he hates. Base doesn't doesn't knows he's good at. It never heard about that..

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