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W. Y Esa President Trump tweeting this morning a big deal looking good with, Mexico, is the two nations look to renegotiate NAFTA after President Trump essentially launched a trade war against Canada Mexico and. Any other nation with whom he did not feel was giving the, United States a fair shake on trade we will discuss. That, as we know the difference between financial advisers, our weekly, segment with annex. Wealth management CEO Dave spot oh coming up in, just a couple of minutes This Jacksonville shooting. At the video game tournament was actually personally rather scary for at least a minute or two to me personally is my, in-laws, are actually in the Jacksonville area technically Ponte Vedra beach right now for a moral service for by wife's grandmother. Who passed away last week at age one hundred and two if, you can believe that rest in peace ya ya which. Is, what she was called by the great grandkids And I just had, to Texas a hey you're, not anywhere near this mall are you the video that came out for those not following the story. Two, people killed the gunmen committing suicide at a Madden NFL video game. Tournament. At a popular shopping area in downtown Jacksonville eleven people injured in this shooting the gunman was a contestant in this video game tournament a professional video game player or a wannabe video game professional lost at according to witnesses went out to his car got a handgun and went back into the, area where the tournament. Was taking place in started shooting well there was an, online streaming video on the video game streaming site twitch That showed one of the victims Twenty-seven-year-old father who unfortunately was shot and. Killed, playing and all of a sudden a red dot appears on his. Chest The screen then goes back to the video game itself a football game And then goes dead there are other streams. Of this tournament in which you can hear the gunshots and people. Screaming but this Was just a, terrifying scenario And it's amazing how quickly The left will politicize a tragedy after telling us not to politicize the death. Of Molly Tibbets on. Saturday this was CNN anchor Frederica Whitfield less than twenty four hours after police discovered the body. Of missing Iowa, college student Molly Tibbets Republicans including President Trump highlighted her death to, argue for stricter immigration law how dare they twenty four hours after that Frederica Whitfield was anchoring during the shooting in Jacksonville before she even knew. Exactly what was going on, she had on Mark Kelly the astronaut and husband of Gabby giffords who of course was shot and badly injured. In a shooting in Arizona, a couple of years ago this is what the exact same, anchor Fredricka Whitfield asks Kelly Yeah and, how does something like this I know it's so standing just happened, but how does another incident like this help shape while you're big gun advocate at the same time you have been pushing for gun safety gun. Reform how does another incident, like this get folded into what you've been pushing for on Capitol Hill on a federal level how how does. This fold into that narrative, how exactly can this be used to advance a gun control Eric Interestingly, enough the gunman was from. Baltimore he was not from the Jacksonville, area not from, Florida not even from the region had come all the way down to this video game tournament to play in the. Tournament he apparently and we don't know where or how he got his, gun but it does appear that he got the gun from his home state of Maryland if that is the, case and it is not confirmed yet to my knowledge where he got the. Gun that would be interesting because Maryland routinely gets as from the Brady foundation and is well known for having among the strictest gun laws in the entire. Country in, fact for someone to purchase a handgun in, Maryland you have to have a handgun qualification. License you need to complete a training, class get fingerprinted and pass a comprehensive background. Check then you're also required to pass a background check at the point of sale whenever you purchase or take ownership of a pistol Maryland. State police keeps a database of all pistols sales and transfers in the state which serves as a registry of Maryland's handgun owners We are, getting word that President Trump is going to make a statement regarding this new trade deal, with Mexico I'm gonna make an. Executive decision and we are going to try to take that. Statement live as it comes in producers Scott filling in for Armand today we should have a feed of that should be relatively easy we are going to check in with Dave. Spot of annex wealth management at the usual time that we are going to be talking about NAFTA and, how this is, impacting markets the NASDAQ has crossed eight, thousand for the very first time on this news as obviously this is very very good news not just specifically the deal with Mexico But the notion that the Trump gambit of imposing tougher sanctions or at least threatening it is paying off. And that we are able to, get nations to the bargaining table to get deals that we believe at more favorable terms, to the United States I have. Not heard deal details of this agreement but we will of. Course hear them about eleven minutes from now can we sneak in a phone call Shirley can't Paul in Racine you're on the Dan O'Donnell show every Monday to your damn sure. Though I would I call your call screener was that John McCain is in such stark contract to down, stark contrast to, battled Trump and I think it is Status as, a quote unquote war hero He used that in a poor way to. Leverage his political career is entire life whereas, with Donald Trump He will tell you Mike you to your face. John McCain will smile and shake your hand and call you friend or did despise you behind his back and that was no more evident with the going on health, care when, he got, up there and, he gives the? Old dramatic thumbs. Down that was basically. Him just you know been mean-spirited John McCain saying you know what this is personal this is about me it's, not about, the American people and he relished after that boat being in front of the cameras and just you know basically out of fine himself, instead of doing was right for the American people in. As, much as people might not like. Donald Trump he's trying to do. What's right for. The American people well the thing about McCain's thumbs down I have a difficult time. Believing it was anything Other than a. Stab in the back, he, had told no one. Of his plans to vote against the Bill and in fact the only thing he had said was that. Week you return to Washington from his treatment specifically to vote on this Billy gave a big speech about bipartisanship and the need for civility in politics and all of, this it, almost seemed, like foreshadowing of, what he was? About to do. And I don't know. If this was a personal vendetta against Trump for the Republican party that was lining up behind him but I, do know, that this took everyone and I mean everyone by surprise the vice president was in the capital ready to cast the deciding vote because, they assumed they had it and it is sad that. That, ultimately was the last thing a. Memory that the American people have of John McCain That conservatives had one last turn The Republican party in one last vote could not count on McCain and had to deal with days and days and days. Of laudatory coverage from, the media, it was something that quite frankly I never did forgive the Senator for I was stunned staying up watching this and could, not believe what I was seeing but that was John McCain not going to denigrate his service or attack. Him personally or his his character but there was that aspect of his, character that he did hold grudges and he did. Remember calling Ted Cruz and rand Paul wacko birds Viciously attacking the. Tea party movement which was energizing conservatives disavowing Palin and her supporters and, all of that so as with anyone you leave. A mixed legacy Just something to think about, all right we. Will get into the NAFTA announcement coming up.

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