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Can make us anxious. And that tells us as much as the headlines themselves notes on a nervous planet, I met. Hey. with you. This is this is very interesting. I'm gonna like this tweet here from James SilverStone woman. Pose video of maga-, boys. These the the kids from Covington Catholic who were in in Washington DC for the for the antiabortion deny women abortions rally and March, and then we're harassing the native American elder woman has posted video allegedly of the covenant Catholic boys harassing her and her friends before the incident with the native Americans. These guys are really into their maga- thing, you know. Amazing Mark in Janesville, Wisconsin. Hey, mark. What's on your mind? All I think you've pretty much answered all the questions for Trump and Republicans. I mean, they use each other Trump's worried about the Russian and Republicans, you know, they destroyed advance auto ARCHE, lower taxes, less regulation. They don't care about workers. They basically he dropped dead. Yeah. All about making money. They're mostly nurses, social pass. I believe that. Yeah. I agree. I better big brother five over to do you posted? A thing is saying time to quit calling to shut down. This is a lockout. Yeah. They they don't care. They don't they don't care anymore. Both the the poor white guy or middle-class black LGBT. They don't care. Yeah. It's all about rich white guys. Got it. Thank you. Mark wilson. Thanks for listening. WMD are there in Janesville Steve in Bellingham, Washington? Hey, steve. What's up? Hey, tom. I'm big fan. I just wanted to tell you what you were saying before about how this whole shutdown. Libertarian dream. I totally agree. I and I thought that for several days now, I, but to to kind of put it in different words, though, the way I see this is this is kind of like the ultimate cash right now of weather government is necessary or not. There's a lot more riding on this shutdown than I think most people realize we're very close to losing democracy. I think we've already largely lost democracy. We have elections being decided by and large based on which oligarchy which industry puts the most money beyond which candidates. But the the idea of losing our Republic a Democratic Republic. I think the I I'm guessing that's really what you're trying to say Steve were on the edge of losing that I think that's absolutely true. Yes. Thank you for. Okay. Thanks a lot. Steve good to hear from you. Jerry and Rochester, Washington. Hey, jerry. What's up? Yeah. Tom, I agree with you on one hundred percent about oligarchs in this country getting together to you know, and I think the plan was hatched before the shut down. Okay. There's certain environmental pressure or certain after the Democrats got the house. It's more pressure on these or darks. They gotta make their move. And I think maybe even have gone international. Thanks. Yeah. No. I think you're right, Jerry. And I think that you're seeing this kind of stuff happening in countries all over the world. Well, said Ken in New Mexico. My saying that right. Can yes. Hey, what's up? Well, I have an idea that's a little different. I believe that Trump is actually setting up to do martial law. That's why he's so completely insisted on having the wall because it'll keep us in. And also, I think that's why he did that phone thing where everybody got a call from him. So he could announce it so everybody know they were under the thumb is right. The emergency. The emergency alert thing. Proclamation where if he's going to do that for a state of the union that could be, but hopefully, it won't have a state of the union. So here's the question can if if the goal the Donald Trump is driving toward is martial law. Why? To take over the trust funds for the once they've been trying to raid social security Medicare to try to make every single solitary thing for profit. So this is basically on behalf of the billionaire class that Trump at least claims to be a member of. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with that claims to be. Yeah. This guy's a BS artists going way way back can't, thanks. Thanks for your contribution to the to the dialogue Ray in Seattle. Hey, what's up? Thanks for taking my call. Sure. What do you think? Oh, well, you know, I. Mentioned earlier that the government shutdown is tripping us of our. Protection by cutting for shutting down the FDA. Not essay IRS judiciary. Is there way to tie it security the president's security detail into their way to tie the secret service agents who protect the president are not being paid right now. But they're still working just like the FBI guys. In fact, the FBI reports that there have been virtually no sickens, and these these people, I think know, when you I have a friend when we lived in Washington DC guy worked with me on the TV show who really really he was in the control room really really wanted to be an FBI agent. You know, he he had spent much of his life trying to become an FBI agent, and he just couldn't quite make it, and, but he he was down at the FBI applying for jobs, and this and that and the other thing, and what I really got is that, you know, by the time somebody actually gets to be an FBI agent. They have put an enormous amount of their lives into that it becomes part of their identity. And and so, you know, which is a very different thing than you know. Hey, I'm a clerk at the department of commerce, you know, and I push paper though. So I think it's going to take a lot more time for Donald Trump to destroy the morale at the FBI, but he's he's certainly trying and. And I think the same is probably true the secret service as well that these are kind of high status jobs as well as high level of commitment jobs, but don't put anything past Donald Trump. Thanks for the call, Bob and Taloqan, Oklahoma. Hey, what's up? Just wanna key in here. Our our strategy. Ability. Right. I thought Bob I broadly. I agree with you. But your phone is breaking up really badly. It's not it's not gonna work you're gonna have to call back. And we'll we'll do it. Another time. Richard in alamosa, Colorado, Richard what's up? Yes. Thank you for taking my call. And you have wonderful people that answering your phones where your your sure is great. Yeah. I'm a I'm a social capitalist. We could have capitalism, but be a little kinder this. I think if we spent a good solid percentage of our military budget, and maybe employed to the military to feed clued in house. The people of the world, we wouldn't need a military afterwards. Everybody would love us. What if we legalize drugs and gave a billion dollars a seeds cannabis, poppy? And and coca see seeds to the Central American and South American countries that could produce. Cannabis. I think they'd be better off vegetable seeds, Richard. I get what you're saying that the Marshall plan did more good for us basically than World War Two. Well, I actually shouldn't say more good. I mean, taking out Hitler was a really really important thing in a really big deal. But ultimately, if you don't win the hearts and minds of people the difference between the way, the World War Two resolved and the way the taking down Saddam Hussein in Iraq or or Qaddafi in Libya or the Taliban in Afghanistan. The difference in how those things resolved had to do with the Marshall plan. It had to do with rebuilding giving people something to an hour being you giving giving something to them to live for an hour being the ones who facilitated that is that the essence of what you're saying, Richard, exactly. And and really ending. This war on drugs is a key component to not needing a wall on the southern border. If you make the country, south of our nation, more livable than they won't wanna come up here. I've worked with guys that spend nine months away from their family to try and make a living in the United States and construction and they hate being away from their family for that time. These guys could you know, we could we could have reverse migration in this country. If we made things more livable in Mexico unders that's happening. Actually Mexico's economy all Mexico's countries you've messed up. Yeah. Mexico's economy has been improving, and you know now. Got a guy who's kind of like Bernie Sanders says their president, and they're they're putting their country back together. Migration from Mexico to the United States has been a negative number for a decade. Now. More more Mexican citizens who are who have been living at work in the United States are leaving the United States to go back to Mexico, then are Mexicans coming into the United States is the problem that Trump is trying to get us all to freak out about and hate. These people is people who are fleeing as you as you point out, Richard who are fleeing these repressive regimes, and and dysfunctional, governments endures Guatemala, El Salvador, in all three cases, governments that are screwed up because of what Reagan did back in the eighties with Iran contra, so spot on I'm with you Richard Paul in Wheaton, Illinois. Hey, Paul what's up? Paul W CPT Jimmy. Oh, jim. I'm sorry. Yes. Jim. I'm sorry. Yes. Tom everything that you said, it's I believe spot on except for the obviously why is he doing this? Well, I think we're giving char Trump too much credit. He is not he's a smart man, and and political theater, but he's not as smart guy. I this is a he is owned a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin. He owes them entirely hit since late eighties, and you can funnel that into the top of the GOP to why Mitch McConnell silent. Why Paul Ryan retiring all accepted money from the NRA, which has been huddled? Russian Augert money funneled through the NRA. They're all owned.

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