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Distracted driving. Report released by online driver's education Resource zero to be found in 2019. There were 109 deadly distracted driving crashes in Washington state that 22% of all deadly crashes. New Mexico has the highest rate at 37%, Mississippi appears to have the lowest rate at 2%. Report also attributed about 8% of crashes with injuries to cell phones, with the percentage growing in relation to the severity of the accident that CMOS, Holly Menino, and here's what's coming up on the KOMO Morning news. I'm Carlene Johnson to veterans of Afghanistan now Oregon lawmakers. React to the pull out of the remaining American troops. It's a 34 1st Romo traffic. We do that every 10 minutes for you from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kierra. With a crash on north, Um 167 near 24th and some, nor we've been dealing with a heavy drive from Highway 4 10 into the area at Valley Freeway. It's also busy for about a mile as you're approaching 405 heavy drive on north, Um four or five remains from the Valley Freeway to about Northeast 30th Welcome four or five. It looks like we may have a new issue as you're approaching state route 5 to 7 because I'm watching this back up that Continues to grow into the area. I've been trying to find it on my camera shots, but so far I'm not seeing anything except this back up, and then we're also finding lighter, slowing as you're coming out of Kirkland and into downtown Bellevue. Expect scattered, slowing on south of 95, traveling out of Lynwood through the shoreline area north of 95 is slow at the heart of Tacoma City Center in Seattle, were dragging along from the north End of Boeing Field to Seneca. Have also been busy on North found 99 approaching the First Avenue South Bridge to about diagonal, and it's a heavy, heavy commit traveling westbound on the Spokane Street product between 95 99. Our next Cuomo traffic up 8 44. Here's Terrans on from the coma. Forecast Team a sunny weekend ahead today. Mostly sunny skies after some morning low clouds temperatures upper seventies to lower eighties. Boost those temperatures bit for.

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