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Only one I really care about is this, but I'm really happy about this. I don't give a shit about this. I nothing about this interesting. I agree all about everything. We say about and Orton ten years ago. Man Fuck Yes i. But at the same time I also every time. I don't give a shit about a wwe pay per view. It surprised am I gonNa Watch it. Yes, I'm GonNa live yes. But. It does not change the fact that every time I go into a www with this little expectation at the end, but I'm going that wasn't fucking bad, so I'm real because he didn't have any fucking expectations. But at the same time, though you could still go into no expectations ago, yeah, that's still suck. That's exactly what I thought. It was GONNA be. You know they are who we thought they were. But. Has that has been doing that consistently for a year and a half now we set it in two thousand and nine, thousand nine. They had one bed pay per view right w donald. Tables and chairs TLC. On the phone was bad to. Oh. Yeah, well. No, we said the ending. Was Shit. Overall like we remember because we were talking about TLC it peaked at. Allaster blackened Buddy Murphy, and then went to shit so it was like okay. Good pay-per-view, but there's obviously the money in the bank ending, you know when listener just sudden match you know there's been bad endings to these abuses overall that we were like. You know not great, not spectacular, but. Average better than a little bit better than average or good pay per views So that's what I'm expecting. I'm hoping ww does today 'cause? I'm really worried that it could just fall flat. 'cause there's really. I also get it. This is a pay per view being built on stuff that they had that. They're like pieces. They're throwing in travel restrictions so on, and so forth Blah Blah Blah. So I'm hoping that we get a good per view, but I really just don't give a shit I'm going to wash it and I'm going to watch it live. So all right, that's it for us on makes you go to breaking down the Ring Dot Com. You know back in March.

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