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Yes it is free. Talk live the live call in radio. Talk program where you can call in and talk about anything. That's on your mind. The telephone number here in the studio is six zero. Three two eight three six one six zero again. Six zero three two eight three six one six. Oh i am your host tonight. They call me the reverend captain. Kick ass joining me. Because near and melanie and i'm going to go to a party and you guys go to this party. It's called fork fast. Twenty twenty one. I got my I got my reservations For the campground just recently as a matter of fact yes coming away. You're probably going to be then all right. Well we'll we'll drink one for you but you listeners. Out there in radio land and internet land conjoin liberty minded voluntary anarchists and libertarians from june. Twenty eighth through july fourth for four fast twenty twenty one at rogers campground in the beautiful white mountains of new hampshire. Now fork fast happens the week after the porcupine freedom festival but forecast is decentralized which means that there's no ticket cost and no one is in charge. All you have to do is reserve your camping site. Rv site or motel room with rogers campground for june twenty eighth through july fourth. I can't think of a better place to celebrate independence day than around other freedom loving activist in the shire you can find out more at the unofficial website fork fast dot party where you can connect with other attendees and you can find the unofficial telegram chat and an unofficial forum again links to those are all found at fort fast dot party. We hope to see you at fork. Fast twenty twenty one and this one promises to be quite a raider. Yeah i'm told that the porcupine freedom festival which is the week before fork fast has sold out and so if people do want to go to some sort of a camping festival fork fast has not yet sold out. Yeah i I like to go to both of those. Yes and They had by the time. I got there. They had already sold out for three days every single camping spot for During the pork porcupine. Freedom festival Except for Primitive camping No electric yet. Ten sites no electric no water And i think there's going to be a a lot of people that Decide to stick around for forecast this year. It would be great and i'm looking forward to it because well i had fun last year and i plan to have some fun again this year. Yeah if you if you ever wondered what the What a peaceful society would look like. Come experience it for yourself. Yup voluntary people doing voluntary things all voluntarily. It's pretty interesting experience. We're gonna shift gears a little bit with regards to our stories but first. Let's go to david david. I forgot where are you calling from. Well i'm not in san francisco as well. I recognize your voice. What's on your mind tonight. David well It's funny. I don't know if you owe the libertarians. Have a position on slavery success. Good yeah against all forms of it. Yeah good and so. You're familiar with the old company store and involuntary servitude where you gotta work for a company that has company script and so the value of their money Changes so often that you you can never break even soul to albany so so yeah now this infrastructure bill. It's coming up well. First of all the supreme court the other day just decided to Allow children to be put in prison for the rest of their lives. Wow not aware of that because they had done the opposite maybe ten years ago. Oh yeah and in fact. It was written by cabinet. Who was drunk when he was a teenager. You know and In fact i was frigging drunk. By the time i was a teenager. I don't think they should put anybody under mature enough to be held accountable for your actions to actually go to jail. You're mature enough to be allowed to move out. Sign contracts by property. Gonna full time job. And i will die on this hill if you want to lower the age of majority of fifteen. Then you can arrest fifteen-year-olds for felonies and put them in. Jail are misdemeanors either right if not apparently their children and children don't go to jail or they shouldn't it. Well this was ruling just the other day Sixty three and everybody on trump's team Voted for this that No matter what you know it's like guarantee you're in for life and And so when you think about the way that Slavery was introduced into america. It was involuntary. Servitude in australia was the same way they were like prison camps and they said everybody australia to work off their sentence. Devil's island Was another one that france had yeah and was talking about people who have no ability to walk away so there's a conflict they can't handle they can't just leave. They have no ability to pick their own lawyer. It's illegal for them to work to hire an attorney for for their defense. They have no ability to its if their if their mom says. You can't leave the house to go to court are you. Can't leave the house and go. Talk to your attorney. Legally they might be a different issue because there's legally they can't leave the house unless their parents say to to go talk to the attorney that they do have who's starting their career as a court appointed minor. Attorney so yeah. It's horrible getting on some interesting angles. That are additional. Well this deserve the most protection. They are the most vulnerable people right. Yeah well where. I was going to go with this. You know if you were born in love canal or if you're born in flint michigan and your You know you're born with a bad water or are such pollution that you're radioactive pollution. Things like this and so if you're smart you have to buy You know clean water at an extra high price and that's where it gets into the company store and so you know. Donald trump and george bush and a whole pack of other corrupt crooked politicians for decades have tried to get rid of all regulations on polluters. That they got the right to poison their own land. They got the right to pollute their own. Land day on the land. Free and clear. Nee can do whatever they want on their own land and that is one of those cases where they broke your leg and they'll sell you the crutch because what should be happening is that you should be allowed to sue people that cause you damage and that ought to include environmental damage but the courts of england decided against that and then it got passed into our legal tradition. That you can't sue for for pollution. Which is insane right. Yeah exactly and especially when they invent new chemicals every day and i think they were introducing twenty thousand new chemicals into the market every year and the food and drug administration or the fda or excuse me the epa were were unable to To manage to keep up with all of these new products that are coming in. You know the the sewage departments Of the world have got a deal now with all sorts of strange chemicals..

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