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The rest of the top twenty five Ricky Stenhouse junior Kyle Larson who's back on the lead lap with the wave around David Ragan. Trevor Bayne and Chris butcher twenty four cars on the lead lap as we get back to rain here in stage to the south point four hundred green flag wage quickly on the job. It's true to inside. Now back to his declarations Alex Bowman quarter of the way into this race. And Alex Bowman already showing his best performance of the season. He'll run in that second position. He's. He went up and got next to the wall. They're chase Elliott almost lost his car off turn to he'll lose a ton of spots on that restart. Bombing went up and blocked in front of that second spot true X Jamal four chase Elliott lost six positions as the cars. Rush by his inside on the Dallas back right away. True X remainder leader it has behind him. Alex Bowman then Kurt Busch. Followed by Joey Logano. Kevin harvick. And Brad Kazlauskas. He's moved to the middle group already in back behind him. Kevin Harvick to move. Now. He'll try to make a move on joy Lagaan. Oh, that's for that spot. Reicher reports spot rather. Now, they so side-by-side all four the battle rages article get that advantage. Pretty good battle now. Kevin Harvick slides up in front of joy llegado right off of his rear deck late. It's going to be Brad Keselowski and NASCAR reporting that we've got a problem upset return. Yeah. It was. It was Ricky Stenhouse junior got into wall up there. Trying to hold onto it as best as he could and wrote it out that's one car incident. But now he's on pit road. And that will bring out our third yellow flag of the day in the south point four hundred tailgate.

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