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End of the investigation. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. But the Biden administration has ended a trump era probe into how and where the covert crisis started in China, citing a lack of quality. Team among a number of theories, officials say the National Security Council is now coordinating that effort Boxes Richardson one theory gaining momento em that covert escaped from a lab studying viruses in Wuhan. Chyna know someone's going to get rich tonight in Ohio, they'll announce the first winners of a vaccine lottery. The only ones eligible people have gotten the covert vaccine. Governor Mike DeWine tells Fox they started After demand for those shots decline. We had to reverse that we had to get it back up because the vaccine is how we get out of this pandemic is how we save lives. That's how we get back to normal. It's all winners going a million dollars students when college scholarships seven other states have similar lotteries as well. With half of American adults now fully vaccinated from covert. There's been a lot more traveling flights are full again, and cruises may set sail soon. Boxes have been Brown as an update live. Yeah, they've the CDC will allow next month for Royal Caribbean to do a test cruise in US waters. The crews will host volunteer passengers who are 18 or older. The passengers will not be required to have been vaccinated against Cove in 19, but if they aren't they need a doctor's note saying they're not a risk. All of the passengers will be covert tested before embarking and after disembarking and even during the cruise, which will depart from the port of Miami, Dave Evans, Senate Democrats keep trying to sway Republicans needing 60 votes this week to advance the House passed bill creating a commission to investigate the deadly Capitol attack. But GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell calls it political like to continue to litigate. The former president. Former Republican Senator John Warner, has died in Virginia at age 94. Also a former Navy Secretary. Warner was also famous for once being married actress Elizabeth Taylor America's Listening to Fox New 93. W Y PC Mobile News on the level on the go, Hey says something needs to be done. White rain on radar. It's 68 downtown. I'm Kirk Darling, Here's what's trending at 10 02, a child shop this morning when bullets from outside of the house she was in came inside shootings continue to be a problem, and it's gotten only worse, says Reverend Charles. Harrison with the indie 10 Point Coalition literally award zone out here now, with the proliferation of unlawful guns on the street, easy access to them. It is a major problem that we have to address. Harrison speaking in a video he posted to Twitter this morning. Ah, firefighter is Zionsville was arrested for having child porn Tuesday. Police in Lebanon say a tip from the National Center for Missing and Chain Exploit Exploited Children lead to them to the home of Daniel Stevens, where they took him into custody. This man faces robbery and sexual assault charges in Philadelphia. Now he's in trouble for raping a woman in the Indianapolis Rob Con it reports last week, Kevin Bennett was arrested in Indianapolis on an out of state warrant. Philly police say he stalked women who worked at gentlemen clubs, then would rape them and robbed them. Now, the Marion County prosecutor's office says Bennett did that in Indy on April 2nd so he faces six more charges. Three for rape, along with kidnapping, criminal confinement and battery. Rob content 93 w I B C mobile new creating isotopes that can help treat cancer patients. It's the goal of a Z isotopes, which is hitting the ground running and it's my operation in Miami County. Probably. Making product in the June July and shipping product out in July. Artist So we are right on Pace CEO Greg Brooks be tells inside Indiana business that Indiana was the ideal spot for his company to set up shop because it's perfect logistically, he says their customers are actually planning to build processing centers nearby to make moving product easier, And that means more jobs for Hoosiers. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go and on w y b c dot com This is our shot at getting back together..

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