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She wants everything that he sunshine and rainbows and the moment that like you know if i put on the i don't know some random movie and it has like i don't know so and so was murdered or something you know she's like i don't wanna watch this. I want to watch the notebook. I wanna what you know what i mean like you. She's not into anything. That's really all that depressing. Although technically the notebook is super depressing at the end it makes me cry every time like a baby. I've never seen with for man. I don't know what it is. You want to see it exactly of people. That are very empathetic very emotional. And those are the people that are gonna be very holistic in and really wanna talk about energy in bringing talent into the world and all that kind of stuff so this is all about not only face-to-face camera is but this is part of how your message has to engage with them right so like if you are somebody. Who's very strong. You're not going to be able to effectively right. Copy over the long term to people who are very emotional. Because you're you're not really going to be to resonate with him and understand where they're coming from. Stop say that you can't ever sell to somebody like that. There are certainly people who can however we want to have a business. That is true to you. You know what i mean. That's the only way it's something like this is going to work in the long term and to where you don't feel like you have to constantly rebrand pivot and shift and you have to be true you so that way. You can be happy to make videos to create content to have classes to do podcasts. Like that is what is most imperative before the money and everything else at least two in in my humble opinion. Glad you're seeing a few things. You'd i want people to to hear that they're going to be other people just like you..

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