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This puts focus on the air quality inside your home right now, and what can you do about it? Here's Cuomo's Cara cost image, experts say it depends on the age of your home. And if your windows are leaky people should take measures again to reduce their exposure. And one of those ways is to stay indoors in a space that has been here three and remember what you could do. That is by using that D I y filter fan. You can make that at home. You just need to get the Merv filter 13 or higher. But as many of you might already know those supplies are hard to come by here in Seattle, right now, cost image come. Oni crews are making progress against the big fires burning in the state, including the two in okay Noggin and Douglas counties. The Cold Springs fire and Pearl Hill fires have burned more than 412,000 acres combined. A cold Springs fire in Okanogan County is at least 60% contained now and the Pearl Hill fire in Douglas County. As atleast 90% contained we'll be talking live with meteorologist Kristen Clark aboutthe smoke prognosis here in just a minute come. Oh news is still teaming up with the Salvation Army to help people affected by the wildfires in our state. We've raised more than $35,000. Thanks to you for Washington Wildfire relief. If you'd like to know more. Go to our website. Cuomo news dot com. Look for the banner at the top of the Web page. Boeing is accused of downplaying significant information in the final House report on the 7 37 Max. Harsh report. Of course you might expect, but it's really nothing new analyst Richard Aboulafia with a Teal group. I think going really does need to make changes. I think a lot of people working at them. I've known that for some time in terms of the position. Of engineers in the company leadership and the redress that engineers have In the final report. Boeing is accused of hiding certain facts about the planes computerized flight control system and offering inadequate training for pilots of the new Max. Boeing has responded to that report, saying once the Max is certified to fly again, the company will have full confidence in its safety coming up after we check traffic and weather, the anti mask pastor from Tennessee going to be inside a home ish tonight. I'm Carleen Johnson. A state rep Leaves of profanity laced voicemail. I'm Brian.

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