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Be mark galloway. You got to see those guys but you just never knew that they once they got so certain level. The dan spivey's ship just never do once they got so certain level so when wcw finding was started breaking through a little bit more. That's when the tv super show started coming out more. And that's when you have. That's what i got. Cable cable happen was where we've got the The saturday shows the six zero five. Lives and shit like that. You get those Those Many being events like the clash of champions. Show that on those days right. Which i think they promote during those right so you get you get those. We got to see those. It was during that time flying brian. Pull out the win here. Actually guys gotta watch it. It's actually really good. Match is like. I said a great way to kick off a new show. Brian would so underrated to really. I think if we keep going. We're going to see a this. Brian kilmeade change into the loose cannon. We know right. Yeah sorry. I had to close my fucking balcony. I hate that damn train sound so right. Now we're watching. Every bischoff got his position not as the executive producer of this or but on the on wrestling period. wasn't just because ted turner and said. Hey if we wanted to compete. We but like the show on monday nights or whatever i forgot how they came in because The work awa announcer there. Okay and he got the job were there because they said that he a he. They said that he looked like this game. Show host slash talk. Show host guy named john davidson. He does he does know john. Davis says he has so It was an immediate appeal because they thought that people would see him and see john davidson then when he got one when awa close and Wwf at the time boarded out and shit. This was buying the territories right so He got he got a gig with ted turner and now he's brought right up into management. Not he took a took a he says but i think he says it took me about a year and a half and he filled in a spot for somebody else because he had he had so ted i i know the business and he bullshit him he said. I sat in the meetings. I know what it is you know. Gimme gimme a shot. I i think that this time around there. Change the brokers at the dusty swear this time period it's a console them another doing the dungeon of doom story right which we'll get into that when we see them later right so right now we just watched Basically pasta mania running around. Explain what that was basically the hulk hogan shameful. Excuse to for merchandise. Because i've basically brought up like michael jordan has a restaurant. chicago will hold. Hogan has his birth pasta shop here in the mall of america. Right am i. That's exactly where you guys are going to check it out. Where which is a season one. I hate the way they do. Yeah episode one season one. Wcw monday nitro. At the mall of america in minneapolis minnesota. This is our flares back after. Leaving w w e w we have for some time two years after two years after before the book was taken away from him after he didn't he didn't wanna job so macho man at the bash earlier in the year so they took the book away from them and then. That's one kind of sylvan. Got it right and by the way. That was probably one of the most genius. Did 'cause sullivan is probably one of the most underrated hookers in. We'll we'll we'll see his creativity later on so we get We actually do so many times. Cover awad stinging flare. We only we only only go do like an hour. So we're just going to a couple of things here. We just wanted to talk about. What voice yeah so So he We also had what hogan was at his vinnie. Wcw for how long now. This was a year and a half. Okay i run right so bischoff. This went through his beach house. And of course we have this idea for you. You come in. And basically that's got back into lesson and of course hogan was like let's bring wrestling eighties back into the nineties. So he would bring in. His runs. The macho man hacksaw. Jim duggan jimmy. Hart buddhists that barbara beefcake and we. Now we're just right now. We just see we just seeing the appearance of lex luger. Now explain why this is important in wrestling history because his contract was just up and he wrestled leave the house shows on the weekend. He didn't know. I believe he was at a pay per view the day. Before because saying that He was planning to work out with the day before this I believe in connecticut right and said sorry. I have other things to do this right right right right and he appears just this was after the lex express crashed. Exactly this no by. I think it was one of those instances like that. His contract had just elapse right right that w so bad right. I remember him saying he won't gave them a like a low ball number. Because you know why who took it. You know why. D- wanted w bagri. Well because sting wanted him back exactly because the gym buddies the owner jim together right and stink which ends up being a catastrophe later on and later on in that in that friendship. I'm not even sure if anybody. But i think there's still i still fresh because it was like some some some bad blood that happening for awhile. Apparently someone was running illiberal or too much about People's infidelities so he shows up. And i believe in the middle of another push. I believe berg tournament. He'll because i think we're supposed to be something where adventures gonna turn them. He'll go against a face diesel right. That might have been what vince wanted to do with luger. 'cause when we went to wwf. All the lex express The sumo to body slam yokozuna right and him winning by count out at summer slam not win the title. It was pretty much a bus because for two years bust. Not bus bust boston would. It's he because pretty much they were. They were modeling him as an new hogan right and it wasn't going over at all because we're not that type of person he's not he and he never liked being that guy that does reports of him and he he was on the bus tour he would be in the city and then he'd get on the bus to go into the time to go to and he never in the whole thing was that i i don't i don't knock anybody for this because that's just you know. Would you spend the summer on a bus. Well no way from your house no and the fact that you know there are certain there's certain individuals that aren't don't that that don't love wrestling that dangerous do it. Because it's a job. We always hear about brock. Being that way right we always hear Gobert being that way and lex luger was that guy. Remember what he originally brought into. Wer will before he was the narcissist suppose before. Wpf the world body. Right right you got that. Promo wrestlemainia eight with him. Drawing the milk and peanut coming low the body on lex. And then you got to the motorcycle accident. Got that Clayton his arm right and then wwf was over and visit you. Russell don't have any choice de cicis dinar narcissist right now we watch it flair and sting and you never can go wrong with not another look at flare flare. Looks like he's sixty six here. Yeah he looks like he has age on you when you see my to four raw batista and randy. He.

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