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Wins driving southern California wildfires are dying down flames fanning out as authorities now trying to determine how many acres and how many homes north of Los Angeles have been destroyed in god we got everyone out of the house unfortunately one of our houses are blocked did did get you know the hit from the fire but you know I have to say god was definitely on our side on this one he Lee Thompson is one of thousands of homeowners who was evacuated meanwhile Pacific gas and electric chief executive bill Johnson says it's too soon to know if faulty equipment started a wind whipped wildfire in northern California's wine country fire personnel on the site to his attention and then our attention what appears to be a broken jumper on one of our transmission towers the jumper is simply a piece of wire that jumps the conductor over the insulator utility preemptively shut off power in a bid to prevent wildfires power was cut to distribution lines but not transmission lines the prosecutor reviewing the origins of the rush investigation has been granted authority to pursue the probe is a criminal investigation that's according to The New York Times a source familiar confirms the change to ABC news one of president trump's closest Senate allies Republican Lindsey Graham introducing a resolution condemning the Democrats house impeachment inquiry into the president they're doing is selectively leaking information to drive the president's poll numbers down and to drive the momentum for impeachment up everything coming out of this star chamber process is being leaked by Democrats house investigators have been questioning diplomats and administration officials behind closed doors for several weeks public hearings are expected soon hundreds of protesters chanting we are not your mascot March to Minneapolis ahead of the Vikings game against the Washington Redskins you are listening to ABC news radio eight forty WHAS your new now wrapping up a chapter university of Louisville officially taking the Papa John's out of Papa John's cardinal stadium university of global athletics director.

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