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The podcast. Everybody knows ben rights for the athletic. Follow ben on twitter ben standing and you can subscribe to the athletic. It's totally worth it. And ben in rhiannon and all of the local writers Make the price worth The admission and benz got a podcast to standing-room-only. You can get that anywhere you get a podcast We're gonna get into several topics with ben today but you wrote a column yesterday Where you went out and asked people about washington's rookies And you got feedback from From a longtime nfl scout and an executive who's watched each player At they drafted and before we get to Their third round. Pick which i i know how excited they were to get diani brown Let's go through one by one. What did you learn about what you know. Nfl people or at least one nfl executive thinks about washington's rookie class. Yeah so like this is an exercise. It was probably more appropriate to do sort of you know right after the draft and i did some of the things then but i was having a conversation with somebody somewhat recently and you know sort of the idea came up and i don't remember exactly which one of the players were talking about i but he made a point. That was that was interesting. I was like what would you mind sort of you know not on the record per or whatever like you know. Give me your thoughts on the players in this class that you feel comfortable talking about and that's kind of where kind of where we went and You know i think the broader takeaway is. It was the reason i wrote about. It was because camps bathroom at the start and soon enough. We'll lump the rookies in with the overall fifty three. They won't be rookie. It'll be part of the team right. Now they're still sort of a separate subset is a reminder of that like this seems like on paper to be a pretty good class particularly those guys at the top and yet james davis is going to have a lot of attention because he was the round pick and linebacker obviously is a big position of need. And we've talked about sam cosmi a bunch of because they kind of you know having been a position now where they kind of need to get something out of him at some point here because You know they moved on from working those but those two third guys think houston and the ambi- ran. You know feels like early on like that. Maybe where their best value is going to come out. And this person particularly was a big fan of of brown house me as well and You know like. I said it's going to be really interesting. You know whoever we want to give credit to these things. You know two years in a row with ron rivera. Sort of in charge of this thing at least intellectually if not from scouting perspective. You know watching has gotten high marks Following a draft will. Yeah i've always liked been of the Of the mindset that it's impossible to really great a draft until three years after roughly three years after it but last year's draft. It's obvious that they didn't with on chase young antonio gibson looks like he could really be a player and cameron curl in the seventh round. Looks like a potential. nfl starter. So they did pretty well there but number two overall wasn't very hard. You know the this year you know by the way kyle. Smith was a part of that decision making outfit last year. Right i mean. Do we know today ben. How much credit kyle smith gets for last year's draft Not not not exactly. I mean you know i think all of it's it's confusing right because even when you talk to some people who are you know involved in densely involved know what's happening whatever you know just like didn't right if you and i start right this minute having a conversation about Anything but whatever. The topic is and somehow we ended up with some conclusion. Do you ha- do you always remember exactly where they were. The idea came from. You know who. Who was the first person like i remember. Wins like for example like ron rivera gave a lot of credit. This isn't about the draft is raising. They do like He gave credit to pete. Had tight end coach. Pete hainer for pointing out. Logan thomas and that's totally seems like i'm healthy like a reasonable thing. Sure but at the same point. I had it. Pete hainer get to that person to get to that person because he automatically do logan thomas or like when jay gruden was given some credit for identifying holcomb. He didn't i. only jay. Gruden.

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