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Health after her parents accidentally stepped on her egg and broke its at London's zoo zoo says keep us, restorage to find. Rainbow, the female Humboldt penguin chick was still alive inside the broken egg they rushed the chick to the zoo's clinic where vets transferred her to an incubation chamber she spent weeks cuddling with a soft toy penguin and was fed what the zoo called. Penguin milkshake made a fish vitamins and minerals penguin keepers Susie hides, said, on Thursday, the birds typically, reject chicks when they accidentally step on their eggs she said the one month. Old is growing quickly and we'll stay in the incubation chamber until she reaches ten weeks, a top security aide for French president Emmanuel Macron Mm who was caught on, camera beating a protester has been detained and. Is being questioned by a video which had been cloaked in secrecy shows. The God in a, helmet with, police markings, and surrounded by riot police brutally dragging off a woman, from a. Demonstration and then repeatedly beating a young man on the ground the man is heard begging him to stop another man in civilian, clothing pulled the young man to the ground the. Up roll up ended regular business in parliament with. Lawmakers Agust that he still had an office in the presidential palace the president's office has. Begun the protests of firing him following the public backlash a baby girls guaranteed food four life and a job after her mother gave. Birth in, a Chick-fil-A, bathroom Fallon Griffin, was having contractions when she and her husband stopped at the restaurant. In San, Antonio she had use the bathroom but the restaurant was closed the couple banged on the door and the, store director pretty much had no choice but to Open it husband Robert Griffin says he managed. To unwrap the umbilical, cord from the baby's neck, and delivered hi I'm.

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