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The Old Hi everyone Daniel Ramsay here the CEO of my out and the host of scale. The podcast this podcast is dedicated to having conversations to unlock the exact formula and strategies these multimillion and billion dollar companies use to scale their business. You can visit me on our website at scale the PODCAST DOT COM or listen to this podcast broadcast on itunes or Google play. Hey Everyone Danny Ramsay here with my desk. Today I have the unique pleasure to talk with. Robert Massie from Bright Star cares. I'm really excited. Because this guy is actually serving his community by providing really high quality care professionals that come to your home and actually help with your healthcare needs so super excited because this guy is actually a got a big heart and he's given back and what I love most is. He's using one of our virtual assistance. Actually I think there's a couple. Oh no you've got one on. We're GONNA have to get you more Robert we're going to have to get you more folks But Hey thanks for being here today really appreciate you thanks. Daniel thank you for inviting me. Yes so let's start real quick with your background so you worked in corporate America. I know you have a story. Let's just start there with that story. What happened with you? They AH lead you to be in the healthcare world well so I was a corporate executive reaching thirty years of business experience. My mother-in-law all fell ill was in the hospital She actually had fallen and broken her hip when she returned home. My wife and I found ourselves needing to help. Oh forget care..

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