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Vote throws it outside the arc for Julius. Now, in the short corner, it's boat again. Our dribbled toward the rim, and he dribbled out of bounds. He had the right idea, but Course. They're just gonna Rick Mahorn and pull the chair out from underneath him. So Temple will bring up the ball up the floor. They have a freshman point guard named Jeremiah Williams. He crosses the timeline. Saunders picks him up defensively with those line colored shoes. Saunders goes for a steel can't come up with the ball. Foster took Forrester rather to the rim, and he lays it up and and and that's why you don't hear about that great defense. He drops the ball fumbles. It takes two dribbles and still get to lay up to nothing. Temple 40 seconds into the game. Julius driving towards The right corner stops passes outside the arc of the point to Keith Williams. Now it's Saunders accelerating toward the rim bounce pass outside the arc. Ford Julius three point shot off the back iron, No good and the rebound gets kicked out of bounds by temple. That was a great pass by Sanders to get all the under the basket. Have the wherewithal to see Julia spotting up. The right wing. Williams will throw it in from the baseline, lobs it to the right elbow and vote passes to the left elbow into Julius, now back to the right side and Williams two point jump shot, and it's a perfect swish for Keith. He's such good and reading and coming off the screens is nice. One dribble rhythm, shot two to the score one minute into the game as Williams dribbles into the front court for the hours, Saunders all over him defensively. Mormon top of the key, guarded by Davenport stops passes it backward for Williams Williams to the wing and Mormon Mormon driving toward the free throw line. Double teams manages to get it to divine great. Perry was three point shot clangs off the iron and the weak side rebound goes to the Julius pulls up the far sideline for Cincinnati to two is the score now. Davenport pump fakes from three point range. Passes to the opposite corner and Williams step back three hit the side of the backboard, but traveling was called first in the N B. A. That's a regular shot where he takes that side step in college. Soon as he made that sidestep to get the little separation they call the travel. It'll help his shooting percentage since the shot off the side of the backboard doesn't count negated by the travel. Jeremiah Williams Dribbles past center court hears Damian done the leading scorer guarded by the Julius here, the top of the key now done double team down the perimeter. And a soft foul called on Chris Vote. Chris Bull stuck his arm in there as he heads down to try to stop the ball handler. And if he doesn't put that in there, he can't get files 25 ft away from the basket. First one on Chris Williams will throw it in in the front court for Temple. Here's done trying to back down to Julius Bounce pass outside the arc, will you to score three and he hits it, and he holds up his three fingers and looks at Cincinnati's bench. He had his best three point shooting game of his career in the first meeting against Cincinnati. It's not saying all that much. He made two Now the bear cats feed the middle and boat draws it to shot found its good entry pass. But a vote takes his time and catches. It pivots quarter turns and uses that left arm to shield and goes up with the right hand. He gets in and one. Instead, he fumbles across the lane throws it up, and he got bailed out. Vote at the line for a couple of free throws, struggled from the line This year. He's a 39%. His first foul shot is up, and it's too strong. Foul against vote is the weapon if you get the bodies along the front line to foul him whenever he gets in that circle area, That's where he's shooting his highest percentage, But in the two years he's been here he is shooting the lowest he's ever shot. Second foul shot up. That one is too strong is well. He goes over to in the rebound is pulled down by a sky walking Damian done. He's into the front court for Temple. He always have a 5 to 2 lead. Williams, who just made the three dribbles on the three point line. Mormon with a strong drive against Davenport Bounce pass under the hoop Reverse layup by Jeremiah Williams is good. Somebody hit the snooze button for Sanders five straight points scored by his man Jeremiah Williams, seven to Temple Julius outside the arc left. Cross court pass deflected in stolen by Mormon three on three Fastbreak Mormons pass is intercepted by Michael Adams. Woods throws it ahead for Saunders into the lane for boat had his shot blocked. Temple has the rebound. Jeremiah Williams took done for an open three. His shot is a Nair ball, and it flies out of bounds because bold doesn't take his time. He got the ball right in the middle of the paint instead of going up and trying to cock that thing up there, maybe one crab trouble getting a little bit closer. He extends from almost the free throw line and tries to lay it up and get it blocked. Mike Adams. Woods was put into the game a few moments ago for Keith Williams. Now Terry Easton checks in and Chris vote. Sits down. Cincinnati has two points in the bear. Cats trails 7 to 16 43 left in the half. Saunders 43 off the left side of the rim. Weak side rebound goes to Dave Andre Perry Saunders over eight at the college level outside the art. Jeremiah Williams between the circles bounce Pass right elbow to done lobs it down low for Forrester. He's double teamed puts up a shot. It's no good. A foul is called on Cincinnati. Yeah, I was poor. Initial post defense by Terry Easton. He's looking like he's gonna go for the steel. But then, after the ball was caught.

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