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At 109 and drum roll, please the Eagles at a hundred and nine years. They're always losers in our book. Okay, this is even this is actually kind of funny. So the five teams to lose the least amount of money. And once I read these names you'll realize why because I'm sure not many people actually care off Steve's. Okay, fuck you and your Cowboys hate know they're not on here because we have fans. So that's true. We've got fans that's true list, right? You've got you've got which were at the bottom of every lived. So what else is new? So the least says teams to lose the least amount of money are the Browns shocker Jaguars Colts Buccaneers and the Bangles. I'm surprised the bagels are off one with this. Yeah, that is interesting because I mean who honestly who really wants to go to a bankruptcy who I mean who even Bengals fans don't want to be at Bengals games honestly. Anyway, that's the list of the losers cuz covid-19 ability to have fans and our ability to have fun. I wonder if the NFL is going to have like a stimulus package for teams that have lost money due to no, no fan attendance. Well, we know someone already has the NFL stimulus package. His name is Nick Foles big dick Nick big Dicky Nicky. He's God. Damn Heelys package already. I mean just saying like do you think that the people in the locker room like just follow around and call them that name? That's just weird to be I don't know but here's what I envisioned like the players, you know getting dressed and you know, they shower and they walk around naked and shit and you're in the middle of like changing do they have like this truck roll that like Nick Foles can't turn around abruptly because then people might lose an eye or something like to need you. How many need you to go into that locker room and do some investigative reporting on this whole Nick Foles junk situation. Well Amy because I am a team fucking player and I'm going to hate this assignment. I will do it off only because you asked me and I will go in there begrudgingly to see very very very chiseled. Well, not really depends if I'm looking at I don't want to look at home. Which line you're looking at? It would be it would be my luck like the center of the Guard turns around man. Come on. I will say and I won't name any names but when I was working at the sports station and we had to go in, you know weekly to do are Cowboys, you know interviews and stuff. There was one player I won't say who it is. He was on come on line. I'm not going to give you position because I don't want you to start digging games. It was so disgusted trying to do any interviews at first of all, he would sit there and his towel and he would sit strategically enough to where you're like if he sneezes there's going to be a ball sack and there is a break belly sitting on that too. And it's been worse is when you're trying to like look away. So like I'd ask the question make eye contact and then in my peripheral see that you never want to make eye contact. Well I had to because then I Don't Want To Make Junk contact and like belly contact. So I'm like just looking in the face and then at one point it got so uncomfortable that I was like looking away, but then when I looked away and I looked down Disguise toenails like he was missing two they were all probably a nice blend of a yellow green color lovely and they looked like something out of a bag of Fritos Scoops. It was disgusting. I had Fritos Scoops for toenails. You sound like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang. Do you remember that movie where he would only date women that had really nice feet? Yeah and their toenails had to be perfect. I am about it. That's why on wikiFeet guys. Check me out. I totally get it. I know it's bizarre that way about teeth. Like you can't have weird teeth. Yes your teeth amount of Life anyway, so that I have no idea how we got here, but that's yes that falls in his big chunk. Yeah, and then we talked about some guy was big gut and then like that. I swear Amy, I was like, I think there's a known fact about to creep out of there. Oh speaking of nut sacks creeping out of pants or shorts or whatever. Okay? Well, that's a good segue. Did you see Ryan Fitzpatrick during dolphin's practice. Yep. Today he was wearing these short shorts like the kind of shorts. I wear to play tennis like the compression shorts all the field and he shaved his beard like he already trimmed his beard. So he like looks totally dead. He's got these short shorts on like really short. So his palm was just hanging out. It wasn't but it was I mean, those are kind of situations like you're talking about where one wrong move and you've got something flying out of there, right? This is a great segue to talk about Randy Gregory Cowboys defensive end reading Gregory. So you'll know that he had multiple NFL substance-abuse infractions, you know, which then led him to have to sit out, you know, a considerable amount of time right for the Cowboys and it's widely known that he suffers from social anxiety disorder that he's very very open about right. He shared his kind of like he shared his journey and said look, it's it was really tough for me, which I can appreciate. You know, I can always appreciate when Not just an NFL player, but a man can talk about, you know mental health issues cuz that stuff, you know your race to just you know, suck it up man it up. You can't talk about feelings and then it just kind of Fester's and then it it comes out ways. Right so I can appreciate that but here's kind of a interesting little tidbit about Randy Gregory. So while he was sitting out, you know, all those games serving this substance abuse infraction from the foul situation. He was actually working at Amazon like the Amazon like, you know, so the warehouse yeah the Amazon warehouse that's here in North Texas in a suburb of Louisville. You're not familiar. It's just all Dallas. Everybody just calls everything here Dallas, so it's ridiculous. But he was making fifteen fifty an hour. He said he was the happiest he's ever been. Well, of course you were fucking Randy Gregory cuz this season wage sucks. So at this point, I'd be like, yo, can I just I still have my Amazon badge and my fucking shirt and my fucking like vests and everything else they where I'm just going to go work for Amazon while all you know, Auctioneers figure out how to put this team back together then I'll come back. That's if I'm Randy Gregory I'm going to do that. But that's what I love about. This is the fact that he was doing something that wasn't giving him anxiety attack wasn't keeping him up at night that wasn't driving him to his, you know his in various addictions like I mean, that's we all want to have that type of farm and peace in our lives when it comes to our jobs, right and sometimes when you're doing what you love your so hard on yourself because you want to be perfect at at your passion, right? Sure. So it's strips the joy and the peace out of it and for him to go and do something that just was calming and didn't and didn't give him anxiety and didn't work him up and you know that freak them out, you know, I keep them up at night and family was there to support him. I mean, I I think that's great. And you know, I would have stayed an Amazon to be quite honest. Well, I mean look at them. Point with the way the Cowboys are sitting dude, I'm not kidding. I'd be like yo Amazon. I set my shirt still fits. My badge is still good like but surely they would have it back. I mean, he's Randy.

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