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It is October 6th 2020. Earlier this afternoon, Greg. We heard of the passing of Eddie Van Halen. Yeah, it's with a tough one. It's a big one not a not a surprise though. Play music on their podcast. We should ask Rick beato if Van Halen and Walkers when he comes on our podcast. Yes. Yeah. So it's been battling cancer for a while, right? Yep. Yep. You're the musician. Tell why don't you sort of your thoughts on his Yeah, then Hanlon Van Halen was probably. One of my favorite debut albums of all time. It was just song after song. That was absolutely incredible. Thank you Van Halen changed. I don't change rock but Second rocket arm, but he certainly yeah, he did he change the way things were done. No, I mean, yeah, it's I mean they've had such a massive impact for for for a number of years. Again from that debut album, you know through to the since and I'll say seem the poppy but then there were so many amazing songs off of Nineteen Eighty-Four but like a jump jump was the song that every keyboardist went into the music store and wanting to play you played it and then the music store owner and say get the hell out of here off get off my keyboard. Yep. we're we're living in a Time Greg based on our based based on our age that you know literally since over the past five plus years and moving forward were just going to lose a lot more of these artists and musicians that we grew up listening to. Yep. Right so and whether it is something like cancer or whether it is drugs or whether it's just old age. Or complications related to you know, whatever. We're going to lose these people more and more and more right and wrong. I think the the it's hard to find sort of positives with with all of these but I I think that you know, when someone like Neil Peart passes or Eddie Van Halen today fans have something to look to look back at to look and even to look forward to right, you know, you look back at maybe contracts went to where you look back at like you said, you know the first the debut album sort of you know hits you But it's also music that you sort of you listen to all the time or that you can write like a week from now or this this weekend when you're driving up to the cottage you might put on some facts as you're driving and notice that you driving too fast because the vpns are just making, you know, just drive a little faster than you really wanted to but hi the following podcast is brought to you by radical Road Brewery the best craft beer in the heart of Leslieville find him at 1177 Queen Street East. That's radical Road Brewery am Romana and I am a multidisciplinary artist visual artist and musician and I'm on Welcome To The Music chatting with cream and Greg. Don't.

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