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Pres- Hilton good to see you again, my friends who have been here because it's almost like me doing my podcast because you remind me so much of my co host. I think you know, I'm Chris Booker. So we don't record together. He does it in his place. And I do it in my place. It's nice to see people. It's it's easier to be in the room. God I used to try to love line with Dr drew when he'd be on the road, and it was always difficult because there's sort of body language. The do. I almost feel like if we were in the same room. It would it would diminish our energy a little bit because we disagree so much. Do your you got some takes on our Kelly heaven heart and maroon five and even more stuff and even more stuff. So let's just talk about some of that stuff. All right. Let's start with our Kelly. All right. What is going on with him? I mean. The tallorder of an answer. It's it's really amazing the power that art can have effect change and not just change people's hearts and minds. But also now after this TV show multi-part docu series only now are thirties in both Georgia and Illinois investigating and talking to the alleged victims. But hello. Everybody's known for a long time. I think the issue is kind of how the legal system works. He's been able to buy his way out of jail over and over again because he would pay off his accusers denied it. This whole time. He continues to not only that his lawyers very aggressive lawyer who is trashing everybody. I mean last night lady Gaga sent out this statement, basically apologizing for having worked with him and saying that she was going to take off their duet from all streaming platforms. And then today are Kelly's lawyer says Gaga just did that to help her chances at the Oscars while all Allah and didn't he get served a search warrant or something for harassing one of the alleged victim? He got served a search warrant, but yeah, they were searching house or something. I thought oh, maybe I got that. Maybe I heard about the the manager of our Kelly not the lawyer. I heard the manager was her. Harassing one of the fathers of the alleged victims sending threats so many years ago. There was the whole thing with him urinating on like an under town. There was a cave. Right. And as we talked about earlier in the show, if you think it's a good idea to have sex with someone in vegetative state chances. Are you will do it again and have done it before? Like, if you think it's a good idea to take a whiz on a fourteen year old then by the way, which I have done, but I was fourteen. And not take aways fourteen how I've been on multiple times multiple fourteen fifteen seventeen nineteen twenty one twenty five year old. But this was straight dudes aren't into that. Yes. We are really serious brass. It wasn't pleasure. Okay. Here's what you straight dudes are into is much humiliation as they can deal out to their other straight friends. And if you're a nation is is is up there. And by the way, when straight dudes do things that start to veer off onto onto the gay shoulder the road road. It's more of that just more more, right? Yes. So just why I it's a non sexual. Yeah. So our our Kelly sting initial thing is twenty years old, right? Yeah. But I mean, according to reports there are parents who are still claiming right now that their daughters are. Being held against their will the women that are with him. Now, though claim their their of free will. But you know, there are countless instances in history where Stockholm syndrome brainwashing or manipulation or allegedly. Having damning information video exactly they'll threaten to release. If you leave and all sorts of possible scenarios for why they may still be there does our Kelly do disease. See the inside of a courtroom. Does. He see the inside. Going to. And is our Kelly. I'm not up enough on our Kelly is he a phenomenal talent is he that good where we tolerate a lot of stuff. I know he's got a great voice there. But never taught you know, it goes back to the question..

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