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There's a high fly ball into right center over under. It is do bond and he's got it. And the ball game is over. So it wasn't easy. The Giants. Hang on. For a 6 to 4 win over the Mariners and a sweep of the two game. Siri's there back over 525 wins and 24 losses. And The Giants will now play their final three road games of the year, starting tomorrow night at the Oakland Coliseum. Traveling across the bay. Thanks for the regular season, they are done. Leaving the Bay Area and a come from behind victory for the Giants, who gets six runs on nine hits with one error and nine runners left aboard. The Mariners had four runs seven hits. With no errors. And the Mariners left nine. Runners on base. The winning pitcher. Would. I believe you have to be Rico Garcia. So, Rico Gets a major league victory after pitching a scoreless Sixth inning. That's his first major league win. And it's a safe or Sam Selman his first of the year, and the losing pitcher is Kendall. Graveman Graveman. Is now Oh, and three Darren Rough, had the on ly home run of the game, his fourth of the year, three hours and 34 minutes the time of the game. Here at Oracle part Our on site producer and engineer has been Darren Chan, our network coordinators in our downtown studio. Za KNBR, Mike Holder and Matt Leland. Tomorrow night. It'll be the Giants and the Oakland Athletics. The Old Bay Area battle Chris Bassett.

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