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I've been kicked off this whole week because as is so many people like me so many other people of color as we have to deal with this emotional burden we have. We have people in our ears people on our side people who who considers friends who consider as colleagues people who who say they like us people who invite us over pre pandemic for barbecue people who say that they identify with our struggle organization companies. Say that they identify with our struggle. Tell us be patient. Be patient change doesn't occur overnight. Be patient things won't just happen at the snap of a finger be patient. I'm not being patient. I refuse to be patient. Because i don't have time to be patient. You have time to be patient. But i don't. You are in a position of privilege. Therefore you're given time that. I don't have stop asking for black. People stop asking for people of color sub asking for for people that have been beaten murdered. Mistreated systemically oppressed. Stop asking us for patients because we don't have time for it. I wrote a letter couple months ago to this large organization in the city which i live this organization like many other organizations saw the events of last summer with the protests surrounding the p. Murders of george. Floyd and in a mod are burian and brianna taylor like many organizations disorganization had to do something. So we see diversity. Equity and inclusion initiatives pop up because of the movement because the protests because something had to be done twenty twenty yet it takes murder to sort of move people's emotions to change it takes lives being lost. It takes george floyd to to be murdered. It takes ahmad arbor to be murdered. Takes brianna taylor. It'd be martyred takes millions of people to to march protests. It took until the year twenty twenty for a lotta these organizations to do something to something..

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