Mary Lena, White House, Facebook discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Others team saying it's biased based on their political affiliations but that tweet wasn't exactly correct that's right tom president trump tweeted in part why does the muller team have thirteen hardened democrats and zero republicans we checked thirteen of the investigators are registered as democrats before unaffiliated with either party the leader of the investigation robert muller was registered as a republican tom terry pull mary lena saw from the white house tonight tara thank you next tonight the big data grab and elections and a former insider speaking out describing to abc news tactics used to collect personal information on facebook and use it to influence voters abc's james longman with that interview tonight a data company tied to president trump's 2016 campaign is under investigation by facebook accused by the internet giant of mishandling more than fifty million americans personal information if you are looking at trying to create information weapons you're the the battlespace that you operate in is social media that's that is where the fight happens in two thousand fourteen when just twenty four years old selfconfessed politics geek chris wiley worked for that company cambridge analytica the organization helps political candidates better target voters online speaking for the first time on american television why claims cambridge analytica using a third party took data from the facebook accounts of up to fifty million americans weaponising internet weaponising the internet absolutely while he says cambridge analytica would create online quizzes when facebook users opted into those innocent looking tests they were actually giving cambridge on olympic access to not just their data but that of all that friends is sort of like the digital shadow of yourself so when you think about what you do on social media you curate your identity so when you like things when you follow things you reveal all these little clues and if if we have enough of those clues we can.

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