President Trump, Agnew Capitol Hill, Ethiopian Airlines discussed on Michael Medved


John Scott. Are you an official says the United Nations expects that about nineteen passengers affiliated with the world organization run that Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed outside a DC about on Sunday or one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed. The airlines has issued a list of crash victims that includes German, Austrian Russian Swedish Spanish Israeli, citizens and others. What are you? What Senator is warning Democrats about the very real dangers that could arise from anti semitic. Stereotypes Capitol Hill. Correspondent Bob Agnew reports. The house rejected a resolution that specifically condemned. Anti-semitism majority leader Mitch McConnell told the story that began in France back in two thousand six a Jewish man was kidnapped for ransom because criminals assumed his Jewish family had to be rich or the plot failed. And the man was killed mortars planted a tree in his honor earlier this month that tree was found chopped down. Just one example of a rise in anti-semitism in Europe in recent years of the heels of a massive influx of Muslim refugees. Well, Agnew Capitol Hill, also internal dot com. President Trump's top economists Persian Gulf concerns about rising budget deficits in slowing economic growth in advance of the release of the president's twenty twenty budget White House economic adviser. Larry cudlow is one way to deal with deficits is to ensure rapid growth. So the president's budget will keep those tax cuts in place. They believe the three percent growth rate of twenty eighteen will continue in two thousand nine hundred and beyond twenty twenty and so forth. I think the other element is always to limit spending. And the president is proposing roughly five percent across the board reduction in domestic spending accounts. It will be tout budget Google appeared on Fox News Sunday, the president will reportedly seek eight point six billion in his new budget to build the southern border wall. That requests seems likely to set up another.

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