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Covert vaccine now, more than ever, it's crucial for this important department to be led by men and women who have been vetted and confirmed by members of this body. The American people deserve a capable leader at the helm of this department, and I believe that leader is Alejandro. My Yorkis Holly represents the best of America. Born in Havana, Cuba, Ali knows firsthand what it's like for a family to flee. Flee is native land and come to the United States and search of refuge. He's a man of integrity, person of principle who possesses a truly truly remarkable work out there. What's more, you may well I'll be the most qualified nominee we've ever been asked to consider to lead the Department of Homeland Security has previously served admirably. It's this deputy secretary for nearly four years, and before that, as they had a DHS is largest agency, The U. S Citizenship and Immigration Service is director this agency He works to combat immigration fraud. He directed and implemented the doctor program to protect hundreds of thousands of dreamers and much more. His deputy secretary. He led the department Successful Unity of Effort Initiative to improve morale in an agency, which previously had the lowest morale of any large agency in the federal government. Back to department there reported the greatest improvement in morale in the final year of the Obama administration was the department Homeland Security in large part due to all these leadership in that of former Secretary Jay Johnson. From the Senate floor. Tom Carper, Democrat of Delaware. The nomination did face Republican criticism. In his opening speech this morning leader Mitch McConnell, calling the president's choice, quote an ethically compromised partisan lawyer during the Obama administration. Alejandro my orcas did head up the U. S citizenship and Immigration Services. Senator McConnell brought up an inspector general report that found my orchids intervene to help foreign investors in the E B five visa program who were connected to top Democrats. And there was this from Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee when he served as U. S. C s director during the Obama administration, the inspector general was forced to investigate quote an extraordinary in quote number of internal alligator. Nations that New Yorkers was granting special access and special favors to wealthy db five investor visa applicants linked to influential Democrats. When the idea took a closer look at the visa applications for three powerful Chinese nationals in particular, they came to the conclusion that if may, orcas hadn't intervened, and I'm quoting the matter would Have been decided, different like and quit now, Mr President. This is something that we know is inappropriate. We know that this is something for which Mr May or kiss should be held accountable. We know that this is something for which he has not been held accountable, and here is what he did. He put his thumb on the scale, pressured his A. D. H as colleagues pressured his DHS colleagues to break their own rules and turned the law on its head. All because a few powerful friends asked him to do it. He pressured others for the benefit of some powerful friends, and it is all All there for everyone to read in the inspector general's report, And yet he was never held accountable. And yet here we are being asked to support his nomination to the president's Cabinet. That debate over the president's nominee to head up the Department of Homeland Security Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, despite some Republican opposition six GS. Piece. Senators did support the Democrats in the my organs nomination. They are capital of West Virginia Collins of Maine, Murkowski of Alaska, Portman of Ohio, Romney of Utah, and Sullivan of Alaska. Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania did not vote again. Final confirmation vote 56 to 43 in favor of his nomination also on the Senate floor. The nomination people to judge by a vote of 86 to 13, the former South Bend, Indiana mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate confirmed as the Transportation Secretary Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, the incoming chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. With these remarks, Mr President come before today to support the nomination of Pete Buddha Judge to be secretary of transportation. We all know the nominee is Mayor Pete, A man who basically came onto the national stage as a Midwest mayor who had lots of enthusiasm for making investments in America's future. So today we're considering His nomination to be secretary of transportation at a time when we need a lot of work done on transportation, and in my opinion, he's a young, energetic mayor who is going to help us usher in a new era of transportation. That means there's gonna be a lot of bipartisan dialogue about how we get there. But this job should not be underestimated in the importance that the transportation sector and the investments for the future need that is that our transportation system serves. Is the backbone of our economy, and when it's not doing well, the consequential impacts of that affect our economy. It affects how are businesses compete in a global economy. It affects how people get to and from work, and it affects their home life as well. So it's a big job that we have. And I know that this mayor and future secretary of Transportation understands how big this challenge is that from Senator Maria Cantwell as lawmakers confirming people Judge Serving is the next transportation secretary, and he is making history as the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet. Meanwhile, the Senate Agriculture Committee taking up the nomination of Tom Vilsack, he is the former Iowa governor. He also headed up the AG department during the Obama administration and his president Biden's pick to return to that Cabinet post. Senator Debbie stabbing on Michigan who now chairs the committee with this line of questioning to Tom Vilsack. I want to start first with just the farm economy. In general..

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