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So yeah, he may not be in the diva category or a top tier, but he was franchise like a top tier quarter wide receiver. He just play for ball club in Chicago that he didn't get those same type of notoriety as he's other guys got alshon Jeffery average salaries, thirteen million dollars a year. That's that's, that's. That's my point. Four wide rep, productive wide receiver. Us a lot of coin. Coin. Think of Sean Jeffrey as a transcendent player at that position. Nah, but I think he's got his play big and big moments, especially in the Super Bowl. Now he doesn't have the kind of production of Antonio Brown the, but you are what you are to your offense and into that to that pittsbur- mature to that Philadelphia Eagles offense. Alshon Jeffery became the Julio Jones of the offense. The Tonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. He became that guy and we saw it in a Super Bowl, looked like he could barely be guarded at times. Now. You can't pay the one. You've got on your team. You can go find another one. That's what we've seen with wide receivers. Seniors can come and go the Ken. I mean the patriots. Perfect example. Why receivers in New England common goal like the wind, they've got a great quarterback and that quarterback turns the next guy there into a productive player. See, that's, that's that's artists though. That's artists that every year he comes in with a blink campus, you don't think he draws win another wide receiver into an Sean, Jeffrey type. If they went out and got the right guy in Philadelphia. I didn't. I can't. I can't say that because last year we saw we saw it for a period of time, and then it was injured in Nick. Foles came in and all of a sudden he did the same thing that Carson Wentz was able to do. Was it more of a system? Was it more of a scheme? That's the questions that we will have about that situation? Philadelphia. That's why they're one of my teams this year that I'm watching closely. Can they replicate what we saw a year ago or does the NFL catch up to them without having the whole system together without having certain guys, especially on defense, let squeeze in salmon, Memphis joins us next SPN, radio, Sam. Thank you. You just brought up a good point for me. Hit back at you, Nick foes of quarterback from Tampa ally, man ever Super Bowl, chances with garbage quarterback. The benefits finish. This team's won the Super Bowl with great coaches and quarterbacks and running backs Pittsburgh in the seventies the raiders, the Cowboys, San Francisco, forty nine. Most of those teams had great quarterback coats running back coming. Yeah, you have outlined out there. But right now Philadelphia was that for about? He could've went on. You gotta look at that team and I can't believe about to say this because I'm by the in my mouth. Tom Brady is the best quarterback combination in NFL history you. You cannot look at that team say they could make you, but no, other co quarterback does it. That's a different. That's a big difference. You pay that man as money. You got three, you got free owners who've been forced out or whatever to Bush. I just know that view put Randy moss in New England and Tom Brady had the best year of his career that ever seen like we, we saw something that, whoa, I didn't even know if that offense was capable of doing that. Okay. But you one. One, I. I'm not saying that you can win without wide receivers. Want the best talent that you can have at every possible position and you want towns wide receivers. There is this idea though sometimes that these teams get hooked into a wide receiver that their fan base and I think sometimes the owners feel like we just can't do without this guy and evidence to the contrary. Why receivers are replaceable, they're replaceable even the guys that we think of as the best wide receivers in the sport, they are replaceable and be at least in recent history. The diva wide receiver doesn't win having one of those guys on your team doesn't necessarily translate to winning Super Bowls. Now, there are great Rodwell Cevers that have the John stallworth Lynn Swann combination was a huge part of why the Steelers dynasty happen. The Jerry Rice. John.

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