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Nyra betts best bet. Is the Nairobi's best bet. Take it away, my friend. You talked about Dick's price odds in one of the races at Gulfstream, park. I would have liked fixed price odds at fair grounds in the tenth race. I really think abscond fits this field tremendously well. I think dropping down in class, I think the style fits. And I think Janelle monae just the intrigue factor is going to get bet really, really hard. I think abscond at an okay price against horses that she very well may be better than it is excellent value. All right, abscond for Dave and the Marie crans memorial race ten on the card tomorrow at fairgrounds. I'm going to go to that fixed price odds hope that I was talking about tomorrow at Gulfstream park in race number for the sunshine turf. They can bet all they want on shamrock. I want no part of them tomorrow, and if number 6 max KO is anywhere close to 7 to two, I'm a running toward the window, irad Ortiz is certainly a nice icing on the cake for the safi Joseph junior trainee who loves it at Gulfstream park. I think as a pace advantage, over shamrock, and some of the other ones in the field. And to be honest, I just think he's going to win. Max KO for me, 7 to two on the morning line. My best bet tomorrow on the card at Gulfstream park. That's going to wrap it up today on the weekend stakes preview presented by nyra betts reminder, big addition of the equine form presented by twin spires tomorrow morning here on the network, 8 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Trainers Al stall junior in Dallas Stuart preview their runners and Saturday stakes at fairgrounds. Briss net and twin spires handicapper James Scully joins Mike pennant and shares his thoughts on the Saturday stakes action. Of course, another edition of you be the host and tomorrow's guest is trainer Dale Roman's oh my goodness. That is going to be an epic addition of U B the host because he is not afraid to tell you what's on his mind. So get your questions ready. The old Romans answers.

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