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Are a Honda with a service history one walking around and found five herbs and plants and things like that what you do with them yes well I want to say that you said before the break that you would be afraid yeah I know I don't send me mushroom hunting I'd probably pick up a poisonous mushroom or something right but what I want to share with you in the audience is that if I or someone similar to me taught you five medicinal plants in your area you would never be afraid of them and I would just like everyone to know what's growing around them and there's no reason that fear of plants you're not afraid of rose merry you're not afraid of the hill are you or cilantro no no because I wouldn't know if I could I'd I'd look at it right but you were brought up with this unfortunately this generation is missing the understanding that there are plants here that can heal for instance is a wonderful indeed in Chicago and she was having a lot of trouble with her clients with high blood pressure they wouldn't pick up their prescriptions they would forget to take it and she was an M. D. she was really pushing you need to take your blood pressure medicine so what she started to do is teach them how to use hi biscuits flour tea now I'm not telling him anybody to go off their medications but what she found was in the winters they made a hot hi this Christy in the summers they made a nice speech and she found that their blood pressures were becoming more stable when they were able to integrate things into their life that was more enjoyable and more pleasant so I'm just sharing that plants are here to help us I'm not saying we the cure for corona but I want to go over now some scenes that everybody has in their house George in case we get into a crisis again and you can't get your meds for a while so for instance nutmeg not next couple dollars you can buy it at the store if people have trouble sleeping you can make an hour of attic medicine they call it golden milk and they would take some milk and put a little to merit cannon and the magic ingredient was not met not Meg helps with anxiety and stress and helps you sleep so if you're in a situation you don't have your sleeping pills and you couldn't get them you can at least try not mad because people are more going to panic about not having any man something in the kitchen for instance cinnamon it is fabulous I like my clients to have it in capsules you can just take the spice right off the shelf he can help lower blood pressure and what I love the most about common sentiment I'm talking about the cinnamon you put an apple pies is that it can instead he's killed each coli bacteria in your stomach so if you're stuck in your house for reasons like corona and you feel like you get a stomach bug and you call your doctor and no one is going to pick up the phone for a stomach bug believe me especially not New York you can take some cinnamon mix it with some warm water and it will settle your stomach so I want people to start to feel empowered to know how to heal themselves and their loved ones when they can't get a doctor makes sense makes sense lots of sense so that's why I want people to know for instance if you are in your house and you'll get a sore throat you can take some black pepper but some hot water over it add some honey and you can gargle with that and that will help relieve a sore throat well of course you do strep throat you may have to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic we're not saying that but when you're home bound I want people to know that there are things they can do another idea is if you have the address and you run out of dandruff shampoo you can have some rose merry T. make it into a key you can boil it make it a little bit intense like don't make it this one to bed one or two and you can after your shower poured over your head and that will help relieve the itchiness and dandruff now let's talk about a mute systems for a minute here Sir before we get more into some of these three things that people can do during emergencies people are recommending vitamin D. vitamin a vitamin C. to help fight this what do you think I think those are great ideas I love vitamin C. I love vitamin D. and I'm gonna give you a one second little chip could you mention vitamin D. if you run out of vitamin D. here's a great idea you can take regular white mushrooms that you can buy at any store you slice them put them on a cookie tray put them out door for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half those motions will absorb the vitamin D. from the sun and bold you made your own vitamin D. the person right I agree so to build the immune system herbalists have anti viral herbs that we have used internationally for viruses that are similar to corona I'm gonna mention their names they are difficult to find because a lot of them sold out but we've got an herb called Andrew grass he's it's a beautiful plant and in clinical studies it is anti viral and can help kill bacteria viruses in your body and help build your immune system one of the most popular herbs out there is an herb called astragalus now you can get a status it looks like a bark of a tree very inexpensive you can literally put it in your chicken soup you can pour boiling water over it and speaking of stragglers will help stimulate their immune system for me the most important thing for people that are staying home is to stay hydrated so you know there's the biggest sale of alcohol and wine and I'm not gonna tell people that they cannot drink that when their home bound but that is very dehydrating if you could make that movie it hydrates your body even faster than straight water so that's very important also staying hydrated taking your vitamin D. vitamin C. if you have in the house is amazing and if you're going to make this movie with even frozen fruit they are you getting your vitamin C. generally if people are doing the right thing and they were exposed to a virus like corona or like the influenza what are the odds of catching something what are the odds of beating it off well again I'm not a corona expert and I don't think there's many corn experts really in the world I don't think there are what what we're seeing in Brooklyn and New York and the metropolitan area is that even healthy people are catching corona well you but healthy people catch the flu to fighting it and they will fight it and what happens is for instances and right now called cleaver is growing all over Brooklyn cleaver is a lymphatic drained it helps the body drain in the lymph system the lymphatic trainer and cleavers is another herb that helps build the immune system because it keeps you know you want that circulation in your body going so cleavers help staff interesting take how did you how did you how did you get involved in all this are well I have always studied I had always been in love with plants since I was a little girl even when I went to university I more than bringing close I've brought my plants with me at my first child started getting chronic strep throat so being a good mom I went to the doctor and followed everything the doctor said and after about ten rounds of antibiotics she was not getting better so I took her to a Chinese acupuncturist who gave me some Chinese herbs and her strap went away never to be seen again George and I went wait a minute I love these plants as a girl so I went back and obsessively studied classical homeopathy and western herbs and once I started working with herbal medicine I have a very big practice I will quit pediatrics is my favorite women's health men's health and what happens is people usually come to me after their kid has had fifteen rounds of antibiotics for ear infections or I have clients that have been on blood pressure medicine and it's not stabilizing and we find that when we integrate and in my practice we integrate alternative herbal homeopathic medicine with conventional medicine if you have an asthmatic you're not going to tell them to call off their asthma medicine but we can give them some herbs so they don't need that asthma medicines as office so often I'm sorry so I'm very into integrating both conventional with alternative medicine and I find that that's how it really helps people and then the powers people George you know what is in the middle of the night you get a fever and you ran out of Advil you're going to have a panic attack in less you have other things in your house that can help you with that feature yes they develop a vaccine for corona virus so you gonna take it I have corona I'm getting over it George so I don't think I would need the vaccine wait a minute yes you have it yes yes when did you get exposed all right when I got exposed but it was two weeks ago on Wednesday that I began the first symptoms two days later my son got it and four days after that one of my daughters got it and I'm at the end it's two and a half weeks and it's a little challenging George even as an herbalist I mean I can tell you that when I get the repressed breeding I take an herb like OSHA and time and I can breathe better but it's a challenging virus George will now you now that I know that you have what we trying to do keep it a secret from me in the beginning of the show no one right over my head we were talking about general yes I don't I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find someone in Brooklyn that doesn't have it and it's very interesting because what they're doing now is because you can't even though get a test here in Brooklyn it's not even available or in the city they opened a center and it closes down within a couple hours so now they're sending out surveys through emails asking have you had this this this this this so they're trying to begin to get account yeah it's challenging I mean I'm very grateful that I have and my clients are very grateful that they have I'm I'm going to assume that you didn't get it bad because you've built yourself up I would like to say that but I still have to get to the next week and a half and we never know but right now I'm doing fine tell me some of the symptoms that you developed when you realized something was wrong I'll tell you mine and what everybody that's calling me is one of the first signs of absolute exhaustion even after a good night's sleep you're like whoa I can't keep my eyes open then you get a lot of body aches a lot of body aches lots of pain you feel repressed reading a little bit like an elephant is sitting on your chest you can get access mucus I finally get more mucus it moves things around and the biggest problem I'm seeing with the hundreds and hundreds of people I'm speaking with is that it comes in waves George you get it and then you seem to get better for two or three days and you over work which you should not do and then it comes back again and then you over work doesn't hurt yeah it does hurt now have you ever had the flu sure of course I think you may have course and how would you how would you compare the two.

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